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PZ Cussons and Hark restore Bayley’s of Bond Street brand with launch of new hand wash

Consumer goods giant, PZ Cussons, has collaborated with independent design agency, Hark, to launch the new Bayley’s of Bond Street brand.

The perfumed anti-bacterial hand wash is the first product to be released from the new Bayley’s of Bond Street’s washing and bathing range. Positioning of the products centres on giving customers a taste of the sophistication normally reserved for Bond Street shoppers at an affordable price.

Drawing from its original perfume archives, PZ Cussons has concocted a quintessentially British scent, with contemporary influences. The culmination of this process is four new fragrances, including ‘Orange Blossom and Honey’, ‘Rose and Raspberry’, ‘Cucumber and Bergamot’, ‘Wild Bluebell and Waterlily’.

The original Bayley’s of Bond Street was launched in the 1700s when William Bayley set up a perfumery in London, which was later bought out by PZ Cussons. In acknowledgement of the brand’s distinct heritage, Hark worked with PZ Cussons to establish the brand for today’s consumers.

With a nod to the PZ Cussons’ founder, Tom Cussons – a keen purveyor of orchids, an orchid was used on the Bayley’s of Bond street logo. Much like orchids, the brand seeks to exemplify a nostalgic beauty with a view to marking the hand wash range from its competitors.

The new range of hand washes launches in Tesco stores across the country today.

John Murphy, Creative Director at Hark Creative, said: “We’re pleased to help PZ Cussons launch the new Bayley’s of Bond Street brand, from concept to fruition.

On learning about PZ Cussons and Bayley’s of Bond Street’s rich brand legacy, we were able to collaborate and create a brand steeped in history while remaining relevant to today’s consumers.”