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BlackWolf, the new all-in-one workout formula, launches exclusively on the MoreNiche affiliate network

by on March 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

BlackWolf, the new all-in-one workout formula, launches exclusively on the MoreNiche affiliate network

Leading health affiliate network, MoreNiche is delighted to confirm the arrival of a powerful all-in-one workout formula, available to promote exclusively by affiliates on the MoreNiche network.

The BlackWolf Workout formula is a unique combination of BCAAs, creatine and whey protein that gives fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders the ability to give their bodies all the ingredients and nutrients they need when working out and maintaining muscle mass.

BlackWolf’s unique Power Blend provides each of its products with a ‘power base’ that helps ensure immediate success and results for its users.

This brand-new range of premium all-in-one workout supplement stacks is now available for promotion via the Blackwolf affiliate programme.

The exclusive agreement with MoreNiche sees BlackWolf paying on a revenue-share basis, with MoreNiche affiliates able to earn 30% commission on sales. In addition, all MoreNiche affiliates who make a sale within the first three months of Blackwolf’s launch will earn 100% commission on their first sale.

A company spokesperson for MoreNiche said: “In recent years the sports nutrition industry has increased hugely in popularity, so much so that it’s moving into the mainstream.

Subsequently, there is an increasing demand for dietary supplements to enhance those who regularly exercise or play high-performance sport. BlackWolf helps customers fuel their body for success with a great range of pre-, intra- and post-workout formulas. Our new relationship with BlackWolf is really exciting for our affiliates who will be able to benefit from excellent rates of commission.”

All BlackWolf affiliates will benefit from MoreNiche’s lifetime cookies, worldwide promotion opportunities and dedicated management support. In terms of BlackWolf promotional activity on affiliate websites, MoreNiche will supply a great range of creative promotional materials from professional banners to engaging product imagery to catch the eye.

Founded in 2003, the MoreNiche affiliate network ( focuses on the high commission end of the health and beauty niche, and has gone from strength to strength since launching the first weight loss supplement programme in 2006.




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