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Boost your team collaboration with group video meetings

People in the past dreamed of the day when video calls would be possible. Video calls were something of the future, alongside hover boards and flying cars. Thanks to the progressive digital age of advancing technology, everyone now can talk face-to-face anywhere around the world. It is a great tool and can generate long-term results as well. Businesses can communicate directly to employees no matter where they are currently.

Board meetings can be conducted with clients and employees around the globe regardless of the venue or country. A newfound trust between clients and companies leads to an increase in sales volume. Video conference calls and meetings have revolutionized the world of communication. Within the world of business, it opens the door of opportunity for high-quality collaboration.


Make a Call from Any Location

Group video meetings, such as the huddle meetings conducted through BlueJeans, eliminate the need for a physical group location or conference room. Imagine being able to quickly collaborate with your team while at the airport or in a cab. With a group video meeting, that’s more than possible. Essentially, the video meetings allow people to collaborate in any location. This has profound effects since it enables businesses to send employees where they are needed without working around conference dates. By using group video meetings, collaborations can be done more frequently and with less stress.

Video Meetings Drastically Cut Costs

A group video meeting can incredibly reduce travel costs as it eliminates the trip altogether. If a business wanted to send a team out to a client overseas, they would have to pay for airfare, food, hotels, and transportation. However, with a video call, they are now in face-to-face contact with their client for no cost. This can save thousands of dollars for businesses and groups along with vast amounts of time. Forbes states that online conference calls and travel budget cuts have led to more meetings and negotiations being conducted through these virtual gatherings.

Using Video Gatherings to Boost Creativity

When in a business meeting, groups can sometimes drift to boredom because of the working environment. It is rather difficult to exhibit creativity and brainstorm while seated at a boardroom table surrounded by your coworkers and managers. Within the virtual environment of huddle sessions, on the other hand, groups can collaborate within comfortable environments that essentially encourage creativity and collaboration.

One employee may feel more creative and energized in a coffee shop while another may be more productive at home. By utilizing a group video meeting, group members can collaborate in whatever environment they prefer without making anyone else feel uncomfortable as a result.

Not to mention, the awkward situations that live meetings bring is eliminated. For example, nobody can tell if another person unknowingly has bad breath. In addition, any outside distractions that affect the entire group is now gone.

Increase Team Productivity

Businesses with multiple office locations can now communicate more efficiently. Without having the hassle of driving from office to office, groups can save time by utilizing video meetings. Projects can be completed faster, meetings can be conducted in a fraction of the time spent in traditional settings and members can collaborate more effectively. Having the entire group on a single call can easily promote efficiency among members.

Video Calls Eliminate Excuses

A simple video call can easily stop the “pass the buck” game with which all businesses are too familiar. By having the entire group on a face-to-face call, excuses like “I didn’t get that email” or “That wasn’t my job” can immediately be eliminated before they escalate into a large, pointless problem. Just as well, the level of miscommunication is drastically reduced as well. Just like with excuses, having everyone in one call can stop the “that’s not what I meant” situations just as fast. Also, video calls can bolster communication, and encourage members to speak and collaborate more. Emails and texts are easy to avoid, but having a member ask another a question in a live video call forces them to speak.

Improve the Quality of Working Relationships

Having groups collaborate over a video call rather than email or a phone call can significantly improve work relationships. A video call can show personality, facial structure, and live interaction- all of which can improve relationships for group members. Furthermore, negative attitudes and remarks can be found more difficult to make in a video call than in an email, making the group work better. By improving relationships, a group can begin to work in unison, with everyone being on the same page.

Video Meetings Encourage Professionalism

Few companies implement video calls as a continuous method for large meetings, conferences and trainings within their various departments. However, these cutting-edge calls make businesses look more professional, and adaptable to change. The next time you need to create small talk with a client, talk about the implementation of group video meetings to possibly make your company look more professional while impressing your clients along the way.