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“Everyday mums are powerful allies for brands” … Talk to Mums

Everyday Mums are Powerful Allies for Brands

  • Today’s mums account for a whopping 75% of all household purchasing decisions.
  • They’re aged 20 to 50 so we’re talking Millennials and Gen Xs
  • They’re into beauty, health, fitness, and much more
  • And they have tight-knit networks of friends, from 800 to 2000 plus. Yes, you read that right.

But Brands are Largely Ignoring Them

The problem is that brands don’t know how, or where, to effectively engage with them, beyond the usual methods of magazine ads and blogger outreach. This is where Talk to Mums comes in…

Our Army of Mums are a Brand’s Secret Weapon

Our network of mums and our ‘micro-targeting’ method of reaching them, is fast-becoming the secret weapon for brands wanting to engage with this market. Knorr, Kettle Chips and Ecover have all discovered the power of using our army of mums to spread their message. It has got them higher engagement, greater reach, invaluable insights and over 200% ROI.

Mums are a Brand’s Marketing Machine

The real marketing genius of our network and micro-targeting method is that it enables mums to become a brand’s marketing machine. We like to call it the Network Tree – one mum with a powerful network of friends at her fingertips. Connect with her and you instantly connect with hundreds of other mums too. Mums that listen to her, and mums that trust her, 100%.

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