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GDPR : Learn more about how you can streamline information governance and why it’s important

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most stringent and burdensome privacy mandate in the world. The penalty for major violations can be up to 20 million euros or 4% of your company’s annual global revenue.
CIOs are struggling to balance their desire for consolidation and centralised management with the need to meet the 2018 deadline and solve the immediate GDPR-related operational challenges.


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The greatest challenge they face is gaining control over unstructured data. Structured data solutions have built-in compliance management functionality, but how do you ensure compliance across your unstructured data sources? Endpoints? Email? Servers with hundreds or thousands of authorised users? And how do you do this in a holistic way, without adding multiple disparate point products?

This whitepaper highlights some of the issues and concerns – and what you can do today to make compliance easier.
  • 58% of US and 62% of German survey respondents believe their companies will be fined
  • 87% of surveyed CIOs believe their current policies and procedures leave them exposed to risk under the GDPR.
  • IDC projects that by 2017 unstructured data will be 79% of all business-related data.

Download this whitepaper today to learn more about how Commvault streamlines information governance, making it easier to meet your regulatory obligations.