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A new campaign for the early detection of breast cancer and against censorship.

MACMA present its new campaign: “Everybody Loves Boobs”, created by DAVID and produced by LANDIA

The agency creatively led by Ferioli and Cubría, present a new campaign for the early detection of breast cancer and against censorship. After the successful campaign “#ManBoobs4Boobs”, which in 2016 explained how to self-exam and observe breasts for signs of cancer featuring a male model to avoid censorship on social media, the Breast Cancer Help Movement (MACMA) introduces a new initiative created by Buenos Aires based agency, David.

“Everybody Loves Boobs” features a video clip launched through the organization’s social media renewing the double challenge of raising awareness on a problem that affects almost 1,7 women per year worldwide*; and underlining the need to communicate in a straight forward manner and with no censorship the fact that women should examine their breasts.

“Censorship in social media is still an issue. That has led us to look for new ways of by-passing it, this time by showing boobs to raise awareness on the importance of taking care of what we love, and of providing financial support to those who work on early detection”, state Cubría & Ferioli, DAVID’s VP.

The campaign features videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and those who watch the clip until the end will be able to make a monthly or one-time donation to help MACMA in their awareness-raising work and their efforts to provide emotional support to patients. They will also be able to share it and upload it with the hashtag #everybodylovesboobs#MacMa #earlydetection

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