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Important pointers for best results in lead generation

by on May 17, 2017 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Important pointers for best results in lead generation

Bringing in Leads’

Let’s be honest …

People don’t like online forms (yes – that’s proven!). And it’s not hard to see why: Online forms require extra work (and time) and typically stand in the way of a consumer’s getting what he or she really wants—such as a piece of content or access to software.

That’s not great news for B2B marketers who are tasked with converting website visitors into customers through lead generation forms.

Marketing teams often feel like they have slammed into a brick wall when it comes to developing lead-generation strategies that are successful across multiple channels and have long-term effectiveness. In other words, they often find that what works on one platform does not work on another, and strategies that attract attention today become strategies that get ignored tomorrow.

Here are important ‘starter’ pointers etc. in terms of getting results in lead generation.

A lead generation campaign can be segmented into three parts, one leading to the other:

  • Attract
  • Convince
  • Convert

To get leads, you first need to attract people to your website (or even better, to one of your landing pages). This conversion is what generates leads.  The question is, where does social media fit in this picture?

Social media is all about attracting people into your funnel and engaging with them. By engaging with your visitors, you attract them into what you have to offer, and you can even help them convince and convert.

1. If you want to see good results with your lead generation form, you have to focus on initial attraction. Potential customers will fly past your form if it doesn’t stand out on the Web page.

2. When building an online form, you need to consider each of your form’s attention-grabbing elements, including where it is placed on the page, what colours it uses, and how it is laid out.

3. In general, you should keep your form simple and avoid too many visual distractions (especially if you hope to convert mobile visitors). And you should use colours that invoke trust or motivate action, such as blue, green, and orange.

4. In addition, your Submit button should be the stand-out element on the form.

Finally …. Each company may take a different approach to lead generation, but they all have the same goal in mind.

No matter what path they take to get there, bringing in leads is what these companies want to achieve





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