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Jacob’s launches new Cracker Crisps advert: Romeo and Juliet get together

by on May 21, 2017 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Retail

Jacob’s launches new Cracker Crisps advert: Romeo and Juliet get together
  • New ad highlights the taste experience delivered by Cracker Crips, bringing the brand to life for consumers through a Romeo and Juliet storyline

Latest : pladis, a leading international manufacturer of biscuits, snacks and cakes, announced today that Jacob’s has launched a brand-new TV advert for its sharing backed snacks range, Jacob’s Cracker Crisps.

The new ad hit consumers’ televisions on Monday 8th May, during ITV’s Coronation Street. The campaign dramatises the unique Cracker Crisp product, combining the big crunch of a cracker and the big flavour of a crisp.

The advert takes viewers into a family home and, taking inspiration from Romeo and Juliet’s two warring households, shows a young couple whose families have differing views on whether crackers or crisps should be served. For one family, serving crisps would be an ‘outrage’, while for the other serving crackers would be ‘improper’. The couple introduce a bowl of Jacob’s Cracker Crisps solving the dilemma and bringing everyone together, and offering the perfect accompaniment for a family sharing occasion.

The advert heroes the Jacob’s Cracker Crisps Sour Cream and Chive flavour, and introduces the two-new limited edition Mature Cheddar Ploughman’s and Roast Chicken, Thyme and Lemon flavours, available in stores now.

Steve Monk, Marketing Lead, Savoury at pladis UK&I, said: “We’ve had a great response to Jacob’s Cracker Crisps since its successful launch, outperforming its competitors.  Our new advertising drives the very clear product message of combining the crunch of a cracker with the favour of a crisp with an engaging story of a couple’s families meeting for the first time, that many of us will identify with!”

The new Jacob’s Cracker Crisps ad will be aired during peak TV viewing slots during May, including Coronation Street on ITV and Family Guy on ITV2.

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