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Marine Muscle unveiled as exclusive affiliate program on MoreNiche network

by on May 12, 2017 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Uncategorized

Marine Muscle unveiled as exclusive affiliate program on MoreNiche network

MoreNiche affiliate network secures exclusive program with Marine Muscle

A fast-growing affiliate network for the health and fitness industry has confirmed an exciting new relationship with Marine Muscle, an American-based supplement range, securing an exclusive affiliate deal.

With a product range featuring eleven different supplements, Marine Muscle is a brand that’s aimed at those wanting the strength and stamina that the marines are renowned for. The supplements are a legal steroid and a very credible alternative to anabolic steroids for anyone seeking to increase their muscle mass and enhance their core strength.

The Marine Muscle supplement range features ingredients that are made to be safe yet highly effective, providing everyone from full-time bodybuilders to everyday people on a health kick a much-needed boost. The supplements are available to buy on their own but can also be purchased in a combination to create a supplement ‘stack’.

MoreNiche affiliates will be able to promote the Marine Muscle supplements alongside the rest of its health and fitness online product range.

The new affiliate partnership between Marine Muscle and the MoreNiche network will result in a highly competitive 40% commission offered to affiliates on all sales made in the States.

Additionally, affiliates that choose to participate in the Marine Muscle program can benefit from dedicated affiliate management support and a pool of digital creative to add an extra dimension to their promotions of Muscle Marine online.

A company spokesperson for MoreNiche LTD said: “MoreNiche has always focused on providing profitable offers to promote to its global network of affiliates.

“Marine Muscle is an effective, safe and legal alternative to steroids. We’re very confident in the product range and that the American health and fitness market will benefit as a result of them.”

There is no joining fee for any affiliate wishing to sign up to the MoreNiche network, with webmasters supplied with a wealth of marketing resources to promote any of the MoreNiche health and fitness products and services to their website visitors.

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