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What does Japan need to do to increase tourism?

by on May 18, 2017 in featured item, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

There can be few countries as magical and fascinating as Japan. But although this nation offers everything from the high-tech gaming arcades of Shinjuku to the Emperor’s shrine in Shibuya, it’s been eclipsed by other Asian nations when it comes to attracting tourists.

Although the geographical isolation of Japan in the Far East has possibly made it harder to travel to when compared to neighbours like Thailand and China, the falling cost of airfares has made this distance negligible.

We’ve already covered a few misconceptions about Japan that could be discouraging people from visiting the country. So what else could Japan do to improve visit numbers?

A sense of context

Most westerners are completely ignorant about the history of Japan. Whilst many Japanese tourists flock to see European sights like Buckingham Palace in the UK and Versailles in France, many people in the West have little idea about Japan apart from things like karaoke and sushi.

So it would be great to see Japan doing more to celebrate its fascinating past on the global stage. And with the Tokyo Olympics coming in 2020, it’ll give the country a great chance to share its heritage and even overcome its ninja problem to boost the tourism numbers.

Entertainment attractions

Most of us will be familiar with iconic Japanese games companies like Nintendo, and it’s surprising that the country hasn’t done more to play on its incredible gaming heritage. This is a shame as a visit to one of the country’s deafening gaming arcades would be a tourist attraction in its own right for many Westerners.

After all, when Lucky Nugget Casino’s blog shows that gambling is still illegal in Japan, it shows that there is work to be done in making sure that the country catches up with nearby Macau as being a hotspot for adult gaming.

Promote the countryside

Much of the marketing of Japan tends to focus on big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. And more needs to be done to show of the incredible natural attractions that Japan has to offer – after all, it’s the nation that revers Mount Fuji as a sacred deity!

So whether it’s exploring the Sagano Bamboo Forest, or investigating the weird Blue Pond of Hokkaido, it shows that it’s not just casino games that need to be promoted in order for Japan to fulfil its incredible tourism potential.



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