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‘Car crash’ TV interview time for Diane Abbott

by on June 6, 2017 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Clueless Diane Abbott embarrasses herself AGAIN in new car crash TV interview where she stumbles over basic details of terror report

  • The shadow home secretary was left floundering on Sky News over Harris report
  • Abbott was asked about recommendations into beefing up security in the capital
  • But she was unable to identify a single one of the report’s 127 recommendations
  • She also suggested she fears she could be sacked by Corbyn after the election

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One comment ……If these [Diane Abbott] are in power on Friday can someone please tell me where I get the refugee rubber raft to North Africa from, is it Dover or Calais.

Another .. I think the simple fact is, she’s one of the only Labour politicians left willing to put up with Jeremy Corbyn. The rest have either rallied against him, stood down from the shadow cabinet or simply don’t want to be connected with the man.

This is a woman who shows anyone can be a politician, all you have to do is be a self interested moron with no interest in the constituent, let alone the Country, you represent.



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