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Looking for a job in marketing? Then we’ve put together a few hints and tips to help you

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Looking for a job in marketing? Then we’ve put together a few hints and tips to help you

Job Search Advice for Recent Marketing Graduates. Looking for a job in marketing? Then we’ve put together a few hints and tips to help you.

Look back

First and foremost, when applying for your dream marketing role, make the most of what you’ve achieved. Take a look back at the work you’ve completed and put together the best in a portfolio, so you showcase your greatest hits. Taking a portfolio to an interview illustrates what you’ve achieved already and gives you some talking points for discussion.

Also, consider putting together an online version using a website building tool such as Duda so that you can include a link in your job applications. Just ensure you have the relevant permissions in place to show any professional work you’ve completed.

Look forward

When it comes to achieving your dream marketing job, consider undertaking an internship or work experience to give you relevant experience. Internships give you concrete experience of the workplace and a chance to build up your portfolio, plus they’ll also help you to make useful contacts too.

Voluntary work

In addition, consider undertaking voluntary marketing work for local charities or organisations in your area, as this would build on your existing experience and strengthen your portfolio too.


Join The Chartered Institute of Marketing if you haven’t already, and look out for meetings and events in your region so that you can network and build up contacts.  Also, search for local business associations or chambers of commerce, who could also help you to build up relevant contacts.

A foot in the door

When it comes to achieving your dream job in marketing it may not be possible straight away, so look for other roles in your dream organisation – so that you have a foot in the door. Conversely, look for marketing experience in a sector that isn’t your first choice, but that will give you relevant experience and transferable skills. All the while, you can be working towards your dream role.

Additional qualifications

If a marketing job isn’t in the offing straight away, then keep working towards your goal and do consider undertaking additional courses to demonstrate your commitment and interest. Have a look out for free courses available online; you may find some that will strengthen your suite of skills. Also, search for marketing competitions you could enter.


When searching for a marketing job, do look out for recruitment agencies that specialise in the creative industries, as well as searching online. Also, don’t be London-centric when it comes to your job search.  With the BBC having relocated so many of their staff to Salford and a plethora of creative firms in the area, look out for marketing jobs Manchester.

Your CV and cover letters

Do update your CV regularly. Also, tailor your CV and cover letter to each application that you do, using keywords and requirements from the job description in both documents.

So there you have an overview of how to approach looking for a job in your chosen field, we hope you’ll soon be taking up your dream job in marketing.



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