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Have you ever wondered about those people who pay a fortune for those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backwards!


If Port Elizabeth in South Africa is known as the friendly city is there any city in the UK who could claim the same title?

Solid Advice

I hate it when people speak to you as if you’re a thicko or something

Yesterday I was in the shop buying my first ever telescope when the salesman said, “whatever you do, don’t look at the sun through it.”

As if I am going to try and read a ficking newspaper through a one and a half thousand zoom lens.
Anyway the skies are blue and I’m just going to get a closer look at that big old yellow planet shining brightly in the sky!

Charlie, Whiskey, Tango

After a night out and a heavy session I got pulled over by the police in the early hours of the
As I fell out of my car the copper started checking my number plate, got on his radio and said, “Charlie, Whiskey, Tango.”

I thought, “how the f**k does he know what I’ve been do


Yes, really. tomorrow, 16th September, is officially 100 days until 25th December.

So how are this year’s Christmas stockings shaping up? Hitwise reveals the top techy products in the running to be under the tree, including:

  • Apple’s iPhone is #1, boosted by this week’s new launch
  • Samsung crowned King for mobile device search share
  • The new Destiny 2 video game appears in both top model searches and is top for video games
  • Fitbit tops the charts within the top ten searches for smart wearables