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How online casinos are entering the social age … [Exclusive]

by on November 22, 2017 in Entertainment, Gamification, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

How online casinos are entering the social age … [Exclusive]

In the last few years there has been a sea change in the world of online gaming. Gambling companies have become concerned at how best to attract a new generation of players. Centuries old games like baccarat, roulette and blackjack do not hold the same appeal for younger players.

Likewise, the appeal of traditional slot games does not necessarily appeal to a generation used to a different type of gaming experience. Visit a land-based casino, and you will not find too many twenty-somethings sitting at the slot machines with bags of dimes at the ready. So the challenge for the online gaming industry has been to find a way to attract this millennial generation, and they are looking to other forms of gaming for inspiration.

Many traditional online gambling games have been ones where the player was simply competing against a random number generating programme. For example, playing online blackjack in an RNG environment is a self-contained activity, without any social interaction with other players or the dealer.

The same goes for an online slot game, where the player is simply interacting with the game and rather than with any other players. One way to address this concern has been with the launch of live dealer casinos.

Live dealer games allow players to see a live video feed from a studio or casino. Players can watch as the croupier deals the cards or spins the wheel, and can message the dealer and engage in conversation. Some sites also allow players to message each other during the games.

These live dealer games have proved to be hugely popular, but some casinos have gone a lot further in terms of bringing a social element to their site. One of the main features of social gaming, is interaction between the players, whether they be friends or strangers. In terms of online play, this means allowing players to communicate with one another, and also to compete against each other.

The most obvious way that competitive play is enabled is via the use of leader-boards. something that a lot of online casinos are becoming increasingly aware of.

A modern online casino such as Casumo is a good example of a forward-thinking betting site with an eye to social gaming. This site only came into being in 2012, but in a short number of years has been at the forefront of a mini-revolution within the online casino industry.

Casumo has been one of the leading lights when it comes to revising the way that online casinos operate. For a number of years, the general policy was to simply try and replicate the look of a land-based casino in online form. This gave a sense of familiarity and security to traditional casino players, and encouraged them to move to the online casino platforms.

However, we have already mentioned that a new generation of potential players has no affinity or connection with physical casinos. Casumo realised this sooner than many of their competitors. Their site looks completely unlike a traditional casino site, instead introducing players to a new world-scape populated by alien creatures.

While the actual games on the site are the same as those offered on hundreds of other sites, the presentation is completely different. That may not sound like much, but it makes a big difference in a world where visuals count for a lot.

When you register with Casumo, you embark upon an adventure. Instead of a staid online casino site where you accumulate points in a standard loyalty programme, with Casumo the process itself becomes part of the game.

They also offer regular slot tournaments, where you can play against other players for special rewards like free spins and cash prizes. They have successfully replicated the experience of social gamers by allowing them to compete against others, and to share their successes across social media platforms.

Of course Casumo is not alone in this approach, as there are many other online casinos which have adopted a similar approach. The policy of operating slot (and casino table game) tournaments is one which a number of online sites have adopted, as it has proved to be extremely popular with players. Another innovation has been for game providers to come up with new games that incorporate an element of skill.

These are potential game-changers (no pun intended) as they replicate the type of games which are often played by social gamers. Expect to see more such innovations in the years to come, as online casinos attempt to win over millennial gamers.

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