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iGaming : Can Ireland become the tech centre of iGaming?

Ireland with a population of just 4.77 million could follow Gibraltar and Malta into iGaming domination

With a population of just 4,773,000, the idea of Ireland becoming the tech center of iGaming and a hub for companies belonging to the iGaming world seems like an utterly outlandish suggestion, especially given the fact that the iGaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world.

However, when you look at the success of countries like Malta and Gibraltar in the landscape of iGaming, you start to see that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to becoming a blossoming part of the iGaming world.

Some companies are already thriving in Malta, where, it must be said, the climate is a touch warmer than here in Ireland and the rain a little less frequent! However, there are iGaming development companies right here and now in 2017 which are thriving on Irish shores. Lottoland is just one example of a company not only surviving in Ireland already, but truly thriving.

Indeed, with the UK undergoing a transition where it is unsure precisely how it wants to proceed in the global business landscape due to Brexit, the chances are that Ireland – a country which is settled and already a major player in the world of technology – could well become an even more fantastic place for attracting talented graduates and existing iGaming employees.

Bear in mind as well the government-backed support that exists here, and you’ll see why Ireland is already reported to be an attractive place for tech investors.

By looking to build on this status as a proactive hub in technology, the likes of Playtech, Microgaming and new start-up companies in the world of iGaming development may well see the opportunity to start investing in as well as operating out of Ireland, something that could well make a lot of financial sense for them.

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