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Just launched : How to get to your most valuable data quickly .. Open Beta ‘Virtual Analyst’ Tool.

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Just launched : How to get to your most valuable data quickly .. Open Beta ‘Virtual Analyst’ Tool.

Needl Analytics Releases Free Open Beta ‘Virtual Analyst’ Tool. … Delivering Actionable Business Insight from Google Analytics in Minutes

Users of Google Analytics can sign up to a free trial at:

In just a few weeks, 700 users including a FORTUNE 500 company and leading global advertising agency have become early beta clients of this new Virtual Analyst web analyst tool for Google Analytics –

In the battle for man v’s machine, Needl has built this ‘Virtual Analyst’ tool to help novice and pro users of Google Analytics get to their most valuable data quickly… even if you don’ think you’re an expert, as long as you’re interested in your data then Needl is going to help you.

It is in free beta, seconds to sign up and get going. It requires no code, just a simple connect to your GA account.

Be the first to use Needl on your business. Sign up now for the free Beta and get using Needl today.

What does it do?

1. Enable you to easily run sophisticated analysis on your Google Analytics data using Needl’s algorithms to identify your top most actionable data segments in minutes – ranked against their potential to improve the goal you select or your eCommerce transactions /revenue.
2. You can analyse all your traffic or exclusively – Adwords, Paid, Social Media, Organic, Facebook or Referral traffic.
3. You can ‘track’ your best segments daily to monitor how they change or see the effectiveness of your actions.
4. You can share your Needl account (at individual Google Analytics account level) with your team. So everyone can work on the data.

You will need Goals set in Google Analytics or eCommerce tracking. Anyone signing up for the free beta now, is going to get an amazing lifetime deal when the tool goes paid 1st FEB 2018.

Whereas segment analysis of Google Analytics data has traditionally required a data analyst or expert to spend hours or even days searching for opportunities that could improve the business, Needl can deliver sophisticated and actionable insight in a matter of minutes. Reviewing segments against key business goals outlined by the user, Needl will identify and prioritise actionable insights as a to-do list of suggestions to generate greater ROI.

For businesses without the resource of a data analyst or expert, such as SMEs, the tool represents far greater access to Google Analytics and, in particular, segmented analysis, making it faster and more affordable. For the 30 million people estimated to use Google Analytics, the ability to track segments and evaluate the outcome of tactics and strategies on a granular level has traditionally proved highly labour intensive. With Needl, personnel can instantly free up valuable analyst hours that can be better spent implementing the necessary changes online.

Rickard Almér, Co-Founder and Director of Analytics, Research and Development, Needl Analytics, explains: “As a data analyst in Sweden, I became frustrated with the amount of time I was devoting to calling up report after report to try and find a single nugget of data that translated into insight for my client.

I was spending the bulk of my time searching through the data and identifying areas of improvement; if this process was automated however, I could have focussed my time on the part of the job that adds value – working out the solution.”

Andrew Dempsey, Co-Founder and Director of Sales and Marketing, Needl Analytics, adds:

“Needl is an exciting development in web analytics for SME decision makers, web analysts, SEO, PPC, ecommerce and digital marketing specialists, as it holds the potential to democratise Google Analytics and allow non-analysts access to the most important and actionable insights within their business data.

It will encourage more participation from outside the analytics department, steering a business-led approach to data-driven decision making.”

Users of Google Analytics can sign up to a free trial at:

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