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Movers and Groovers : New GM for Ziven UK announced

by on December 29, 2017 in Latest News, Lead Article, Movers & Groovers, News you can use, Nuggets

Ziyen Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Ron Caithness as the new General Manager for Ziyen U.K. in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Ron will be largely responsible for strategy, budgets, financial outcomes and will be in charge of all revenue and cost elements of the company. Ron will work with Head of Business Development, Greg Simpson and Business Development Manager, Cameron Murray who were also recently appointed to their roles at Ziyen U.K. after holding previous roles in a leading procurement company.

With over 35 years of corporate banking experience and most recently as head of U.K. Branch Network for the Bank of Scotland, Ron will lead the effort to increase revenue as well as establish effective business strategies and targets.

Greg Simpson, Head of Business Development at Ziyen UK, said,

“We are very pleased have such an experienced executive lead our Ziyen Inc. U.K. team. Ron will help build upon our existing strengths and ensure the company experiences sustained growth.

Ron’s professional experience in banking and customer service will further augment our team’s capabilities and will ultimately help us provide better service to our valued customers.”

Click to watch Ron Caithness Interview about joining the company and the role at Ziyen Inc.

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