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Breaking news : Shoppers can now charge their phone while on-the-move

New to Westfield

Lifesaver is a low cost, portable mobile charging device.

Westfield London launches world’s first renewable energy mobile phone charging network with start-up Lifesaver

A first-of-its-kind emergency mobile power charging network has launched in Westfield London. For the first time, shoppers can charge their phone while on-the-move. It’s also the first time venue owners can monetise mobile phone charging in a scalable way.

Lifesaver is a brand-new start-up company, launching in partnership with Westfield London in Shepherd’s Bush. The Lifesaver mobile charger is the size of a match-box – and lighter in weight, too. For the first time, members of the public can charge their phone while on the move shopping. It’s also the first time that venue owners can monetise mobile phone charging in a scalable way.

From Friday the 15th December, shoppers at Westfield London have been able to rent a Lifesaver unit that plugs directly into the bottom of Android and iPhones, using a tiny portable charger and renewable energy.

The units can be rented out at £4. The charging network will comprise of more than 3,000 units initially, allowing thousands of shoppers to charge at the same time.

Units are designed to be branded, rented and returned, or distributed for free as a brand sponsored proposition at venues, festivals, conferences, pubs, bars, stadiums and events around the world.

Westfield London, which in March 2018 will become Europe’s largest shopping centre with the launch of a £600 million, 740,000 sq. ft. expansion, becomes the first venue to partner with Lifesaver to create a renewable energy charging network and the first retail centre in the world to monetise scalable mobile phone charging.

Smartphones are notoriously bad when it comes to battery life. As mobile phones are used for multiple purposes, battery-sapping usage means people are routinely losing use of their phone while out in public and away from the means to charge their phone.

Current solutions include charging lockers, bulky and unseemly charging units – that need a wire to connect – and leaving your phone out of sight with staff at bars and restaurants.

Unlike traditional power banks, there’s no need for wires, and the units can be rented for as long as the shopper wishes. The start-up is launching a retail version of the product in early 2018.

Lifesaver is a low cost, portable mobile charging device that provides 40% charge in just 30 minutes on-the-go, so consumers no longer need to leave their phones in charging lockers or with restaurant and bar staff to stay connected.

Lifesaver is creating a renewable energy, personal power sharing network in partnership with renewable energy company Bulb.

Shoppers that rent Lifesaver chargers can then return them to the Lifesaver kiosk at Westfield London, where they’ll be replenished using 100% renewable energy.

Chris Perry, founder of Lifesaver, said

“To have Westfield London as our first partnership demonstrates what a strong and necessary proposition Lifesaver is.

We’re in talks with a number of other venues, conferences, retailers and brand partners, in a bid to extend our reach – initially through rental, and then, in early April in 2019, to consumers as a product to purchase.

“We use our phones to shop, find our way around, social media, message, play games, take photos, make phone calls, go on film and for so many other purposes.

Most people will have experienced the panic you feel when your battery hits single digits but you still need to make calls, or use maps to find your way home! We believe we’ve created the solution to fix the problem of people running out of battery while out and about. Our partnership with Bulb ensures our energy is 100% renewable, too.”

Paul Buttigieg, Director of Operations, Westfield UK & Europe said, “We’re delighted to partner with Lifesaver and thrilled that this innovative start-up will be launching its renewable energy mobile phone charging network at Westfield London.

Visitors to our centre enjoy sharing their experiences with friends, family and on social media and this world-first means they never have to miss a moment.”

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