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Nielsen adds measurement for YouTube mobile app in UK, France and Germany

by on January 17, 2018 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Research

Nielsen ​announced ​it ​has ​introduced ​advertising measurement ​on ​YouTube’s ​mobile ​app ​through its ​Digital ​Ad ​Ratings ​service in ​the ​UK, ​France, ​and Germany.

The ​service, ​which ​expands ​Nielsen’s ​current ​measurement ​coverage ​of ​YouTube ​ads ​on desktop ​and ​mobile ​web ​browsers, ​will ​now ​provide ​marketers ​independent ​and ​comprehensive cross-device ​measurement ​of ​advertising ​audiences ​on ​YouTube ​across ​computer ​and ​mobile devices. ​

With ​this ​launch, ​Nielsen ​Digital ​Ad ​Ratings ​clients ​will ​have ​access ​to ​age ​and ​gender ​demographics for ​consumers ​viewing ​advertising ​on ​the ​YouTube ​mobile ​app ​as ​well ​as ​reach, ​frequency ​and ​gross rating ​points ​(GRPs). ​

Measurement ​of ​YouTube ​ads ​uses ​a ​consistent ​methodology ​with ​all ​other mobile ​publishers ​in ​Digital ​Ad ​Ratings ​— ​enabling ​both ​media ​buyers ​and ​sellers ​to ​harness comparable ​and ​de-duplicated ​persons-based ​measurement ​across ​publishers ​in ​their ​media planning ​and ​execution. ​

With ​Nielsen ​Digital ​Ad ​Ratings, ​publishers, ​advertisers ​and ​media ​agencies will ​be ​able ​to ​gain ​a ​deeper ​understanding ​of ​their ​audience ​across ​YouTube ​using ​metrics comparable ​to ​those ​used ​for ​TV.

“As ​more ​people ​watch ​video ​across ​digital ​platforms ​and ​devices, ​Nielsen’s ​comprehensive measurement ​of ​YouTube ​through ​Digital ​Ad ​Ratings ​is ​crucial ​to ​provide ​a ​complete ​picture ​of media ​consumption, ​especially ​since ​YouTube ​accounts ​for ​a ​large ​share ​of ​mobile ​video ​advertising in ​the UK.” ​said Barney Farmer, ​Nielsen’s UK commercial director.

“We ​are ​proud ​to ​be ​able ​to ​provide ​the ​market ​with ​an independent ​view ​of ​the ​audience ​for ​advertising ​on ​YouTube ​in ​context ​of ​the ​wider ​viewing landscape.”

Measurement ​of ​Digital ​Ad ​Ratings ​for ​YouTube’s ​mobile ​app ​was ​made ​available ​in ​the United ​States ​in ​June ​2017 ​and ​in ​Canada ​and ​Japan ​in ​October ​2017. ​Further ​expansion ​into ​international ​markets ​is planned.

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