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Effective backup plugins for WordPress to keep your data safe … Exclusive to theMarketingblog

by on February 28, 2018 in Digital Marketing, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Social Media, Tech

Effective backup plugins for WordPress to keep your data safe … Exclusive to theMarketingblog

Almost everyone has a website now on WordPress platform. Most of the websites are added to several elements such as videos, images, writings and so on.

For a site to be great, it should have good content, nice design and should be mobile and user-friendly.

There are many reasons for a site to go down and one of the reason is failing to perform a backup of data. If suddenly, the contents of the site are completely lost then all the resources implemented on developing and maintaining the site will go in vain.

The top mobile casino company Vegas mobile Casino has conducted a survey and based on the survey, effective and reliable plugins for WordPress site to keep your data safe are listed below. Using these plugins, you can easily back up your website and store backups in the desired location. This will help you in recovering your WordPress data when you need it.

 Be prepared, always

Due to various reasons, the content of the website can be completely lost, some of them are listed below

  • Because of some potential malware
  • The payment was not made on time
  • Accidental deletion of files by host
  • Malfunction of the site’s code

Some of the hosts don’t back up the files often. It is also safer to check the terms and conditions of the hosting service, in most cases, they would have mentioned that they don’t provide liability for the data.

 Plugins for effective backup of data


Duplicator is probably one of the best WordPress plugins for data backup. The free version allows the users to back up the whole site or also parts of it. In the premium version, the users will be having the option to schedule backups. This helps the data to be safer.

The backup can be uploaded to cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and so on. It also lets the users select a limit for the number of backups to be stored, this helps in preventing filling up the cloud storage.

Vault Press

Vault Press is the same company which runs WordPress. It provides both security and backup. It backups up all the posts, comments, including the dashboard changes to their servers daily. The services include protection against brute force, activity log, stats and spam protection.

 Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy can be used to back up the whole database or can be also used to back up the site excluding some parts. This creates the opportunity for the user to schedule customized uploads to the cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon and so on. It also has options to quickly backup and restores data.

 Updraft Plus

The great thing about Updraft Plus free version is that it is one of the top raking plugins for WordPress. The premium version has plenty of tools which can keep the site safe. It also has the option to back up the data to multiple locations. Added to that it also features an advanced reporting tool which will help the user to make the site better.

In addition to the above-listed options, there are numerous plugins for the WordPress sites which can perform effective backup and restoration of data. We hope this article helped you keep your WordPress data safe.

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