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Twitter statistics all marketers need to know in 2018

by on February 28, 2018 in Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Social Media, Twitter

Twitter statistics all marketers need to know in 2018

Social Media has occupied the generation from personal to professional.

The statistics on Social Media platforms are rolled out every now and then worldwide to make the business and brands understand the advantages they can have from it.

And Twitter is one of the most used platforms for reaching to a vast number of people. Also, it is one of the best social networking sites to publish news, create brand awareness and so on. The number of marketers who are opting for Twitter to expand their business is increasing day by day.

For your comfort, one of the top mobile casinos has uncovered some of the important Twitter statistics which marketers should know.

Number of users

Twitter has a whopping 330 million monthly active users. This is a four percent increment than last year.

Average Number of Followers: A report by Kick Factory analyzed over 96 million accounts to find how many followers the average Twitter account has. The average number of followers on Twitter is now over 700.

Of course, for businesses, this is nowhere near enough. If you want to grow your Twitter following, there are a number of things you can do, including investing in Twitter ads and posting valuable content daily. Looking to purchase Twitter followers directly then please click on the hyperlink.

Used globally

Almost 69 million of the total users are from the United States. The remaining 261 million users are from various countries. Twitter has more than 35 plus offices around the globe.

Most users are millennials

Thirty-six percent of 18 and 29-year-old Americans use twitter more than any other age group. Also, twenty-two percent of the Americans whose age vary from 30 to 49 use this social media network.

Most users prefer mobile

Eighty percent of the users access the site from mobile phones and ninety-three percent of the video views are from mobile phones. In fact, most of the social media users use mobile phones to use the site.

 The number of tweets per day

Three years before Twitter said that the users post more than 500 million tweets per day. In the last three years, the company hasn’t released the real figure of the number of tweets posted online, but it commonly says that hundreds of millions of tweets go live every day.

Search count

Per day more than two billion searches are happening.

The number of people accessing Twitter

Roughly forty-two percent of the users access the app daily.

What do the users look for?

The news was the reason for seventy-four percent of the Twitter users to access the site. This count is a fifteen percent increase from last year. Also, most of the users’ intention is to discover something interesting.

Usage of Twitter lite is increasing

Twitter Lite is a simple version of Twitter which consumes fewer internet data and it also takes up less space on the mobile device. The company said that there is a fifty percent increase in tweets posted using Twitter Lite.

Businesses benefited by Twitter

Ninety-three percent of the users who follow the account of SMBs (Small and Medium-sized business) have the plan to buy from them.

Twitter as a base for customer service

Eighty-five percent of the SMB users say that it is crucial for businesses to provide customer service using the network.

Live streaming on Twitter

In the last quarter of 2017 more than 830 events were live streamed and one out of three users were the global audience.

Drop in ad prices

Based on the company’s recent quarterly report there is a 54 percent drop in cost per engagement in the site.

Increase in engagement

The data released by the company says that the overall ad engagement has increased to a massive 99 percent YOY (year-over-year).

Most of the users don’t take video ads as intrusive

One of the recent surveys revealed that around 67 percent of Twitter users felt that the videos which came under the First View were not intrusive. Also, seventy-three percent of the users said that the video ads were not intrusive when the ads appeared down in the timeline.

Overall, Twitter is a great platform to help the business flourish if the right tools and strategies are used.

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