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Ford, Vauxhall, BMW and Audi named as the most loved auto brands … DMA

by on March 8, 2018 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Research

Ford, Vauxhall, BMW and Audi named as the most loved auto brands … DMA

 Ford is the most loved automotive brand

Consumers name Ford, Vauxhall, BMW and Audi is their most valued brands,according to DMA research

The DMA asked a panel of consumers their thoughts on the automotive brands they prefer, from manufacturers to dealers, from Audi to Volkswagen. A clear top 4 emerged with Ford, Vauxhall, BMW and Audi being named as the most loved auto brands.


The top 10 include:

1)     Ford

2)     Vauxhall

3)     BMW

4)     Audi

5)     Nissan

6)     Toyota

7)     Volkswagen

8)     Mercedes-Benz

9)     Honda

10)  Citroën

This latest research – part of the Customer Engagement: Automotive report, sponsored by Emarsys, Epsilon, Feefo and Wiraya – also looks at how these leading automotive brands are able to stand out from the crowd. Revealing two clearly defined groups of brands, those that engage customers on the basis of service or value.

Each automotive brand uses a mix of value and service to engage customers, revealing a changing relationship between manufacturers and dealers – both reliant on each other to deliver the product and service customers demand.

Service brands – including BMW, Audi and Toyota – focus on the service they provide, creating an emotional connection with the customer. They offer consumers a service that feels personal (+18%), helpful (+9%), friendly and appreciated (+9%), leading more to go as far as saying they simply love the brand.

Value brands – including Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Nissan – engage focus on delivering value and convenience for the customer. They offer consumers the best deals (+5%) and the lowest

Prices (+4%), as well as being a little more convenient (+2%).

“The car industry, like many who have gone before it, faces a changing landscape. Low trust levels and disruptive technologies present challenges that require a new approach,” said Rachel Aldighieri, MD at the DMA.

“Consumers can now arrive at a dealership having already conducted their own research, which means dealerships are now shifting towards experience. At the same time, car brands need to ensure they are keeping pace with technological advances, using these to deepen and extend the customer experience.

It’s up to brands and dealerships how they make sense of these changes, but what remains clear is that personal service is the most important factor for customers, it’s what builds trust and keeps them coming back.”

To read more about the DMA’s Customer Engagement research into the automotive sector, including the full report, visit:

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