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Which social media scheduling tool should you be using in 2018?

by on March 19, 2018 in Digital Marketing, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Which social media scheduling tool should you be using in 2018?

The features in social media sites are growing day by day paving way for more connectivity.

Most of the major companies have multiple social media accounts for many reasons such as to connect with more number of people, to run a targeted campaign and so on.

Scheduling is one important activity which allows the user to schedule the posts in advance. This allows the posts to go live on the social media sites at the respective time.

Why use social media scheduling tools?

Social media scheduling tools help the user to ease the cumbersome task of posting the content on social media sites. Using the scheduling tools, users can make the post go live anytime around the clock. One of the leading online bingo sites has conducted a survey about social media scheduling tools and has listed out some of the incredible ones.

What should a social media scheduling tool contain?

  • Mobile compatibility so that the user can schedule on the fly.
  • Supporting most of the social networks.
  • Queuing of many posts.
  • Supporting rich media upload.
  • Allowing multiple users to collaborate.
  • Analytics to provide insight on how the posts are performing.
  • Calendar which allows the user schedule and view posts easily.

The following three social media scheduling tools are great for social media scheduling tasks.

  • Agorapulse
  • Meet Edgar
  • Buffer


Agorapulse is a one-stop destination social media management tool. It lets the users create categories in different colours. The content added to that category will follow the same colour which makes the whole screen look elegant and easy to understand. Users can also queue a post-up to fifty times.

It also has lets multiple users to collaborate their works. There is a separate tab for the posts which are to be approved by different users or by the same user.

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a great social media scheduling tool which supports popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and so on. When compared to the other tools, Meet Edger supports less social media networks.

It also lets the users to directly create the categories and content and the users can also use .csv files to add categories and content. Users can also loop the contents which are to be posted at every interval of time. Also, an expiration time can be set to posts which are set in loops or queues.


Buffer has all the tools to need to schedule and publish content to various social media accounts. One of the best scheduling features of Buffer is that it lets the user to easily add numerous time slots for every day so that there is no requirement to add it each day.

It also has the option to link with the user’s account. The calendar view is also available for the users to easily view and make changes in the schedules.

Apart from the above listed there are numerous social media scheduling tools, users should select the tool based on their needs and requirements.





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