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Exclusive : The biggest social media changes so far in 2018

by on April 21, 2018 in Advertising, Business, Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, LinkedIn, News you can use, Nuggets, Social Media, Twitter

Social Media platforms have multitudinous advantages when compared to plenty of conventional marketing tools.

Also, changes in these sites are happing at a very fast rate and if any marketing campaign is not in sync with the latest updates then the chances for it to succeed is less.

Social media marketing campaigns should be customized based on the network and should be in accordance with the latest changes in the respective networks – insists Spinzwin casino which is one of the well-established online casinos with a colossal number of online slots UK games.

Let’s start with Facebook

The first quarter of 2018 has just ended and there is a multitude of changes related to advertising and in the value of the company. Especially with Cambridge Analytica breach, a lot of changes associated with policies and with the advertisement can be seen soon.

One of the biggest changes so far is the A/B testing feature that allows the customers to choose the best image among multiple variations.

Facebook allows the users to find the right combination of images and headlines in order accomplish more reach. This is offered by the Dynamic Creative feature. Another Noteworthy update is Facebook’s Dynamic Language Optimization which helps in the creation of multilingual ads. Facebook officially announced that the advertisements appearing in the feed will be relatively lesser.


Instagram is the best choice if the marketing campaign is mainly focused on photos and short videos. The recent and the major change that occurred on Instagram is the option to follow hashtags. This helps the users to get content based on the hashtags instead of searching them each time.

Business can make use of this follow hashtag feature to check the performance of their brand hashtags, it can also help in finding targeted content.


LinkedIn probably tops the list of the sites which have undergone a lot of changes. The new updates include focusing on groups; groups are one of the neglected features by the users of LinkedIn. Thence, the recent changes brought a separate tab for groups in the home screen. Also, contents of the group are appearing on the feed and the group activities are arriving under the notifications section.

Sales Navigator app is also gaining some attention as it connects business with its customers. The email alert feature is also very helpful in making prompt replay by business to its customers and vice versa.


Snapchat made a major change to its design and it triggered a lot of buzz in social media. It also leads to the petition of more than 800,000 users saying to revert the design. This introduction new design affected not only the people but also the bossiness. The min feed had contents only from friends and the contents of the brands were pushed to a separate category. Therefore, to appear in the main feed, brands must pay ads.

The evolution of social media is a never-ending process, social media networks will constantly try to find ways to improve the service and laws and regulations will also bring new changes on these platforms.

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