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Tactics on how to create social media backlinks … especially written for theMarketingblog

by on May 15, 2018 in Business, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Online Advertising, Social Media

Tactics on how to create social media backlinks … especially written for theMarketingblog

You could get a lot of traffic for your site by just linking from social media sites.

This idea will also impact SEO and give your business an edge in competing against others on SERPs, if done well. There are many opportunities you can exploit to create links on social sites with a trusted reputation score in the eyes of Google.  Here are ways you can create social media backlinks to skyrocket your SEO and also get leads.

Customize Google+ links

On the profile section of your Google+ account, you will find a tab that allows you to edit links or websites you own. In this section, you can add a link to your site and the best thing about it is that the link is do-follow, which means search engines will count it as an authority.

If you own a community, you can take advantage of the description section to include another link to your site. You may even get traffic from this community if it has many members.

Explore backlink opportunities on Twitter

Twitter also gives you an opportunity to create a backlink to your website in the bio section. The advantage of this method is that whenever someone searches for you, they will find the link upfront, and it will also contribute to the SEO of your website because Google also considers social profiles when ranking sites.

LinkedIn backlink opportunities

LinkedIn offers you sections where you can insert links to your website. The first place you can edit to add a link is in the info space, where you are allowed to mention your website. This link is visible to the public, even to those who are not logged in, which means it’s a useful signal that Google and other search engines can use.

You can also add a link in the projects and publications section. The advantage of adding a link in the projects and publications section is that users are redirected without having to click any other button. Finally, create a company page then in the description section where you are required to add your website do so to get a backlink.


You cannot forget Facebook while creating social media backlinks. This is the biggest social network in the world and if you have an active brand there are several sections you can utilize to create backlinks:

  • The personal about tab. You can place a link to your website in this section and remember to make this information public in your settings.
  • You can link to posts on your site while posting on your Facebook page.
  • The about tab of your page also provides a section where you can add a link to your website.
  • Create a group for your site and in the description also add a link to your site.

If you are looking for a white hat link building service that could help you earn more backlinks, you should also try social media backlinks. As seen, there are many ways you could leverage social media to create backlinks that will be useful in driving traffic and also boosting SEO.

Create pages and profiles in leading social media sites then insert links pointing to your site in the bio sections.

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