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#Leads … The best lead generation tips

You might have tried to Google “lead generation tips” and a couple hundred million results turned up.

Great. But saying it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack is an understatement. It’s more like looking for that needle in a haystack in all of Texas. Good luck finding the best tips  you need for your business without getting confused along the way.

When I was starting out with my little startup, I didn’t have the benefit of the wise counsel of a hundred brilliant lead generation experts. Nor was there Twitter (it was born in 2006) or Facebook (In 2004, Facebook was only exclusive to a handful of Ivy League schools. It was only On September 26, 2006, Facebook was opened to everyone at least 13 years old with a valid email address.) or social media to help. Marketing would have been a lot easier.

Now, let’s make it easier for you.

I asked some of the more reputable and well-respected social media influencers what tips and tricks they’ve learned and practiced as an authority in their fields they would want to share with others in the industry. Some of them either DM’ed or emailed me personally, while some gave me permission to grab morsels of their wisdom from their blogs and/or books.

John Paul Aguiar

John Paul Aguiar


Internet entrepreneur, a pro blogger and social media consultant and trainer specializing in blog marketing and Twitter marketing

The best lead generation tips that have worked very well for me over the years are:

  1. Write targeted, helpful content that fits your audience at all levels. Don’t worry about giving to much away for free, I would rather write a helpful piece of content that teaches something on its own, than to write content that leaves the reader needing to go elsewhere to finish the “learning”.
  2. Another tip is to write content with a plan in place. Have a book launch or product launch coming up? Start the content sharing well before the launch, share content around what your book or product is about. Prep your audience to see why they should listen to you and your advice, do that correctly, and you will have pre sold your book or course nicely. Your posts should also take into consideration, the demographics of your clients’/ would-be clients explains Google ad service Prism Marketing.

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