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Video : How to promote a video on a Facebook page: Tips to make a profit

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Video : How to promote a video on a Facebook page: Tips to make a profit

To let other people know about your offer, you have to expand your reach. There are a bunch of tools for representing your business, but the best-converting tool is a promo video on your Facebook page.

Why it a video better than text or an image? Customers want to see the service or goods in action, not read about them. The Cisco Company’s statistics claim that 90% of internet traffic in 2019 will be related to video content.

Why is Facebook the most appropriate social network for video marketing? Facebook boasts more than two billion users, which is why the main segments of your target audience are definitely there. You can target by location, gender, interests, and other parameters. You also have the opportunity to tag users via cookies. In short, there is no end to what you can do on Facebook.

Let’s get on with our tips on how to promote a video on a Facebook page.

The Main Goals

Let’s get an overview of some of a video’s main marketing goals

Increase consumer loyalty considerably

  • Release a new product
  • Go after a competitor’s clients.
  • Increase progress after an interruption.

The common goal for video promotion on Facebook is to sell—to inspire the customer to cooperate. However, the tasks are different, and they will define the type of promo video. For example, presentations should talk about the company and its competitive offers. Tutorial videos help find partners, affiliates, dealers, and so on. Documentaries demonstrate the magnitude of business. The goal is to get the customer to perform a target action:

  • Go to a website
  • Read a publication
  • Purchase a product

Promo videos also help inform the customers about loyalty programs, bonuses, and other rewards and promotions.

Requirements and Recommendations

A promo video on Facebook should be short (15–30 seconds) in order to grab the users’ attention immediately and hold it until the end. Then, it is important to optimize the video content for mobile devices. It can be clear and silent or impressive with sound. We also highly recommend the following:

  • High-resolution
  • Minimum dimension of 600 х 315 (1.9:1) or 600 х 600
  • Aspect ratio from 9:16 to 16:9 (16:9 for horizontal videos, 1:1 for square videos, 4:5 or 2:3 for vertical videos, and 9:16 for portrait videos)
  • MP4 and MOV formats
  • 4 GB limit per file.
  • No longer than 240 minutes

Promo videos can be transmitted live for 5 to 15 seconds. According to the CPC Strategy, its targets are 90%, and the number of full views is 70%. Short video overviews are perfect for reaching a wider audience.

Step-by-Step Guide

This Facebook promotional guide starts with the main rule: understand the outcome you want to achieve with your work. Then outline your target audience and create the message in your customers’ language. Set out a clear scenario in light of your objectives, technical conditions, and the audience portrait. The video should frame the customers’ issue and its simple fix.

Don’t copy patterns but look for unique messages. However, the copying is appropriate in cases of high conversion, low investment, and fresh concepts. Plan the budget in advance to make the audience coverage proportional to the investments.

Place the video on your website, blog, or LP. When uploading the video to Facebook, use a call-to-action button. If there are any brands or friends in your video, tag them to expand the audience coverage.

Advertise your video starting in small amounts. How much does it cost to promote a video on Facebook? Advertising costs are about $0.27 per click on average, but you determine the budget and rate.

Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some best ways to failing:

  • Create a low-quality video
  • Forget about the ads settings
  • Save on advertising budget
  • Ignore the conversion rates
  • Neglect the customers’ actions, comments, and concerns

If you manage to avoid such mistakes, you’ll generate new buyers and make your business prosper.

Get This Straight

Let’s wrap how to promote your video on Facebook. First, find and understand your target audience and create a concept with the unique offer.

Second, create the video. To promote it quickly and see a high conversion, create a high-quality clip, comply with Facebook’s requirements, and to use the ads settings correctly.

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