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How to host a memorable event

by on December 4, 2018 in Events, Events & Awards, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

How to host a memorable event

It is useful to think about the elements for a truly memorable event. There are certain things to contemplate prior to the big day so that nothing unexpected occurs.

The following paragraphs offer some helpful insights for anyone planning an event in the near future.

Execution itself is not all there is to a great event. Professional planners take pride in the preparation they undergo so that mishaps and hiccups can be avoided.

Many make the mistake of focusing on tactical notions without first having a strategy in place. This is a recipe for trouble. The 10 concepts that follow below may not be exhaustive, but they do provide a solid framework for having a terrific event.

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  1. Have A Clear Set Of Goals

To be able to assess whether your planning has been effective, it is necessary to have some attainable objectives in place. While the event is happening, you will know the things to watch for, and you will have a set of benchmarks for post-event review to measure your business performance.


  1. Choose Helpers With Care

For a conference of several hundred, having a pair of people that are good listeners and able to pitch in at anytime is key. Find individuals that possess these traits.


  1. Marketing Matters

Though the concept of the 4p’s is an old one, it is tried and true for a reason. Have you declared the 4p’s of the event you are planning?


  1. Advance Planning

Event planners who lack this talent will find themselves drowning in no time. Organise your food, lighting, sound people, professional speakers and other factors well in advance.Learn how advance thinking can benefit your process.


  1. Target Effectively

Make sure that your event is designed to suit the audience you will have. Knowing your crowd will make all the difference.


  1. Promotion

While you may have mastered the art of set-up, decoration and logistics, it is all for nothing if you are unable to attract a substantial audience.

Let your desired attendees know what your event has to offer and why they need to be there.


  1. Get To Know The Stakeholders

What audiences stand to benefit from the event? How will your effectiveness be assessed by them? These are essential questions that must be asked.

  1. Establish A Stakeholder Hierarchy

Which of the folks in tip 4 will have the greatest influence on my goals and success? Determine the answer and adjust accordingly.


  1. Measure Customer Satisfaction

While experiences had at events may be somewhat intangible, this does not mean that there is no success measurement possible. Discover new methods of quantifying satisfaction. Retention is a key element of satisfaction, and this measurement can be used to get new business in the future.


  1. Remain Aware And Vigilant At All Times

Stay on top of what is happening in all areas of the event itself. Is the reception area buzzing while attendees should be in the primary conference room?

Can stewards nudge people to where they need to go? Keep these questions at the forefront and get to solutions promptly.



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