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4 ways to improve your digital marketing strategy

Is your digital marketing strategy unable to reach as many potential customers as you would like?

If you are struggling to communicate with your target audience online, these helpful tips will help you to improve your digital marketing strategy and help your website to get as much traffic as you would like it to.

  1. Feedback

Performing research and analysis on your social media and website can be vital to understanding what to improve, such as looking at visitor traffic. Using feedback programs like BB Be Better can go really far towards understanding your customer satisfaction and making improvements.

Feedback can be the most direct route to this and it is vital to know what elements are not working as well as others.

It will allow you to gain insight into your customer’s behavioral patterns and how they feel about your advertising schemes. You can gain customer feedback about your video and research its interaction with your target audience by using video insight platform which can be embedded into surveys and allow video feedback of your work.

  1. SEO

Another good way to improve your digital marketing strategy is by improving your website’s SEO. Low website traffic or online purchases could be due to poor SEO, and so it is important to learn the basics of this.

SEO can help your website to appear at the top of search rankings, and this, in turn, will allow more of your target audience to find your website through search engines such as Google.

This will also have a higher transaction rate for you as potential customers will find your website exactly when they are in need of your services.

You can improve your SEO by using the right keywords on your website, positioning information on your landing pages and signing up for GoogleMyBusiness which can connect the information you give to your homepage such as location.

  1. Social Media

There are 2.27 active Facebook users, meaning that how you use social media is vital to your campaign’s success. You should ensure that you have a public profile on major search engines and update your information regularly.

Google also uses social media as landing pages, and you can utilize this by posting content regularly.

Although you will want to post informative content, you should also embed humor and even promotions and competition into your social media as this will increase the number of people that share your video and increase your content’s reach.

  1. Customer Service

The performance of your website can also affect your digital marketing strategy. You should ensure that your website is customer friendly for visitors to reassure them that your website is reliable and that you are a trustworthy company.

To do this, you may consider installing a chat-bot to help answer popular queries and FAQs and have a dedicated page for contact information and a contact box or button.

You should also ensure that your website is fast and loads easily on both mobiles and laptops as your customers will have a limited attention span, especially if you create a mobile site.

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