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5 ways emails can boost your marketing efforts

by on January 25, 2019 in Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

5 ways emails can boost your marketing efforts

There are a lot of new digital marketing instruments that you can use today, including social media and videos, but that doesn’t make email and email marketing campaigns any less effective.

Email may be the oldest trick in the book, but it is a trick that continues to produce great return on investment, or ROI. This is also the reason why emails are inseparable from today’s best digital marketing campaigns.

Aside from using emails to send out newsletters, there are more ways to integrate email with your marketing efforts. If you are interested in boosting your marketing campaigns using email, here are some of the ideas that are worth exploring.

Timely Transactional Emails

You cannot underestimate the capabilities of transactional emails. They are extremely credible and can be highly engaging when used correctly. Sending an email to confirm a completed account registration or a successful payment is how you strengthen your relationship with the customers.

Transactional emails are usually automated. You can use a good email API to fully automate transactional emails using known triggers such as account registration and checkout. SendinBlue, for example, can integrate its email marketing platform with triggers coming from your ecommerce site.

The automation, however, doesn’t mean you cannot personalize transactional emails further. In fact, you can, and you should. By personalizing the content of transactional emails using variables and custom content, you generate more credibility and boost customer engagement at the same time.

Deliver Clear Benefits

Email marketing is about delivering value to the recipients (potential customers) and there are more ways to do that than ever before. Aside from quality content and a strong call to action, you can also use visuals and other elements to really bring value to the customers.

PayPal’s email marketing campaign is a good example of how simple tweaks to the email content can help increase the value of the emails themselves. Rather than directing users to a tutorial page, PayPal includes a simple and highly visual 3-step tutorial when promoting its Send Money feature.

You can use the same approach to send short tutorials on how to maximize the use of your products to customers who just made a purchase. Time the email for 1 to 2 days after the purchase to create the biggest impact. It is a simple strategy to implement, but it’s a strategy that works.

Add Animation

Animations are not only great for websites and videos; they can now be added to your emails as well, and they create a big impact. The animations don’t have to be particularly big or overwhelming either.

Small animations can direct attention to certain parts of the email that you want customers or recipients to focus on. A special discount hidden behind a layer of animated window, for instance, can make that discount more prominent and attention-grabbing.

The subtle way animation can capture attention is also handy for making the entire email content more personal. Since you can also use GIFs in emails, it is not difficult to create email marketing content that takes user engagement to a whole new level.

Data-Driven Emails

We discussed how you can use transactional emails before. There are triggers that today’s email marketing systems can use to automate the sending of emails to customers. Now, it is time to take it a step further and use data to really personalize your email marketing campaign.

The more you know about the recipients, the more personalized the emails you send them will be. When sending emails to customers who did not renew their membership, for instance, you can tailor the content of those emails based on the features or services recipients use the most.

The same can be said for retargeting and remarketing emails. Instead of using a template, use data you already have to really customize the content of those emails. You will end up with higher conversion rates and better ROI with this simple approach.

Make It Responsive

Last but certainly not least, it is now possible to design graphic-rich emails that also work well on mobile devices. Emails can be made responsive, and you should really invest time and energy into making your emails friendlier to mobile users.

Of course, the majority of your recipients will open emails on their mobile devices. Responsive emails are well worth the investment for this reason alone. There is also the fact that mobile devices are more capable these days, so you can still do so much and convey key messages on the limited screen size.

These approaches work well on their own, and they are even more powerful when used together. Don’t hesitate to explore new ideas and opportunities to use email as your marketing instrument.

Effective email marketing still brings the highest conversion rates compared to other digital marketing instruments, so you know there is a lot to be gained from using it as part of your campaign.

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