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Market research companies in Europe

When it comes down to market research, choosing the right company for the job can become tricky, to say the least.

For starters, market research and its effectiveness depend on a variety of different criteria.

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It’s insightfulness, micro and macroeconomics, being able to communicate with the relevant subjects of the market in question etc.

Topics so different yet intertwining, meaning that the analytics conducting market research must be able to adapt theoretical knowledge to the real world.

So, once it narrows down to the Old Continent – historically diverse and colourful Europe, what would be the best company to conduct market research?

Track record matters

More companies can boast about talented or experienced specialists rather than proving to have a solid track record. Every day, in Europe alone – over 5,000 new companies will be opened.

Out of those 5 thousand, only around 25% are going to exist longer than 4 years. The earlier mentioned criteria (track record) is essential since market research combines theory with the unexpected and sometimes out of the ordinary wonders of the real world. There are many moving parts to take into account here.

If a company is trusted by businesses in your or the market of interest respectively – so should you. A significant investment is in play, so trusting amateurs is too great of a risk. Maybe give them a chance in a different field, but market research should remain an area for professionals.


If you have dabbled with or at least know a thing or two about import/export and entering a new market, certain things should ring a bell to you.

Legal procedures (paperwork, legislative issues) could explode regarding duration if you do not have local assistance. Europe, being a multicultural and diverse continent has linguistic barriers.

For people from the US, it might seem strange that Austria and Hungary – two neighbouring countries, the size of a small US state have entirely different languages, national identities, values, legal systems.

Even though the EU is useful in removing some of those barriers, market research still remains an integral part for the success of a new business. If you have specialists and people knowing the language and providing a substantial communications challenge – there is a lot less to worry about.


Opting for an outsourced market research provider – a market research company should be followed by a desire for a particular and very descriptive final result.

Market research is not just something to be done. It is something that provides short and long-term answers for carrying out both large and small scale entries into the market, rebrandings, mergers etc. Once the research is complete, your business should know clear-cut on how to act.

No more room for ‘what-if’s?’ or ‘Maybe’s’. All dots should be on ‘i’ at this point.


While there are many market research companies in Europe or working with the markets of the continent, you have got to choose one which benefits your needs and makes market research work for you.

Based on the criteria we have, a solution is quite clear – PointOne International.

It is an experienced company focusing on bringing its clients the possibilities to establish a strong global as well as local presence in a designated market altogether.

By combining multilingual specialists with years of experience, the end result is a market research service that works wonders for your business.

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