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PR : All about … Negotiation and Contract Management Skills, Personal Brand PRs, Brand Journalists and Tailored Agency Teams

by on January 2, 2019 in Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, PR

PR : All about … Negotiation and Contract Management Skills, Personal Brand PRs, Brand Journalists and Tailored Agency Teams

by Amanda Fone, Founder and CEO at  

f1 Recruitment Ltd

f1 has worked with agencies and in-house teams within corporate, financial and consumer PR as a key talent partner since 2004.  We also work with marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams.

2019 will bring. ….

More need for Negotiation and Contract Management Skills

With the demise of traditional media, influencer marketing continues to rise. Influencers are commanding higher fees as their currency continues to grow.

Agencies and in house teams will need PR professionals with strong negotiation skills sets and contract management experience to get the best deals with third party influencers.

The rise and rise of the freelance market – more and more AE to Associate level candidates are leaving permanent roles to freelance or find project work until they settle in their next permanent role. The calibre of talent freelancing that will look at freelance to permanent roles is better than ever.

Finding a company with the values fit that match candidate’s personal values is becoming all important – if you freelance somewhere first you see what a company culture/values set is really like not simply what is showcased during the interview process!

Personal Branding PRs

As the social world continues to grow, PRs are now more than ever expected to showcase their skills with their own personal branding. PRs need to be social media gurus and their personal social media accounts will need to reflect this. There is no point saying you are a social media expert when you just have 15 followers and less than 500 LinkedIn connections.

Brand Journalists

We are getting more and more requests for ex journalists and professionals with content skills For stand-alone roles, personal branding or as part of a PR skill set. Teams need experienced brand journalists that are either sector specific or generalists, content writers who can create constantly engaging writing that works across all comms platforms.

Tailored Agency Teams

Global clients want to work with the best people and creative talent across all comms disciplines. This top talent from agencies is being knitted together to create super teams.

Agencies and networks that can offer tailored made teams with sector or discipline specific professionals under one P&L who really work together for the benefit of the client will continue to do well. It’s essential these super teams are motivated and financially rewarded NOT to protect their own specialist silos!

Big Agency Consolidation

As networks aim to simplify we are seeing more consolidation in the industry – Burson Cohn & Wolfe, Ogilvy and now Citigate joining with Red and Grayling within Huntsworth Group not forgetting Wunderman/ JWT In adland.

Global networks are combining teams and are pooling central services resources. Big agency networks are going to continue to reinvent themselves and simpler integrated client focused agencies will survive.

Small Agencies Bigger Brands

Smaller agencies are winning bigger brands. They are seen as cost efficient, agile, creative and appealing because of their fresh approach.

Boutique agencies can attract top talent too; in 2019 more and more candidates will choose to work for the boutique agencies over big agency networks.

Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media Knowledge

PR pros needs be confident with numbers, data, software for PESO and the ROI and value each part of the comms channels jigsaw brings.

Talent Shortages Remain a Real Threat

The shortage in low to mid level candidates (2-8 years experience) remains and this group can negotiate inflated salaries.  Talent coming into the industry continues to command higher starting salaries and there is a real threat of wage inflation.

Clever companies are not giving into this pressure and are adding value to their staff in other ways. They are offering professional training & development programmes, real progression prospects within clear timeframes and transparent signposting along the way.

These companies are interested in their staff as individuals, take Inclusion & Diversity seriously and talk openly about staff burn out and mental health issues.

Editors Pick

It’s been a busy 12 months for the social media industry, and the next 12 months look to be just as busy.

Here is a brief overview of what we might expect in 2019


Amanda Fone has over 30 years in recruitment and search for the Marketing & Communications discipline.

An irrepressible interest in helping your career and your business and a fierce advocate of the individual. 

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