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Printed tote bags are worth every penny

by on January 29, 2019 in Events, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Printed tote bags are worth every penny

Coming up with an effective advertising and branding campaign is often a struggle for many businesses. But it’s your job as a business person to come up with effective strategies that will allure customers to your doorstep.

For many businesses, nothing does better this than printed tote bags. But the question is, are these bags worth the investment?

They help grow your brand awareness.

It is said that a printed tote bag generates more impressions that any other items, – 5700 impressions for a single bag on average in its lifespan. This means that one branded bag can get your name in front of potential customers more than 27 times every day for the several months.

So, if you are not using them in your advertising campaign, you are leaving profit right there on the table.

It’s not all magic; you will have to come up with an effective, attractive design that will turn heads to make an impact on your brand. For instance, your logo must be placed where it will create more attention to the passers-by.

Printed tote bags are a great way of ensuring that your customers are able to recognise your brand in any circumstance. By promoting your brand via promotional tote bags, you are expanding the total reach of your brand and allowing for you to generate a much larger following which in turn will mean that there are more and more people that are potential customers for your business.

Printed tote bags make customers trust your brand.

A study by Promotional Product Association International shows that one a customer gets a promotional item, they more likely to accept a call from the company that gave the promotional material and even make a purchase.

The study shows that before receiving a promotional product only 55% did business with the advertiser, but after a promotional product, 85% said to have done business with the advertiser.

This indicates that your potential customers are more likely to trust your company when you use promotional tote bag than those using televisions or billboard.

Printed tote bags relate your company to a positive campaign.

Today being an ethical company is considered one of the most important elements in business. Customers want to associate themselves with a company who is making an effort to make our planet safe for all of us.

The functionality of these bags makes them more than a walking billboard; they are effective and last for a long time.

However, the quality of the bag often reflects more on the company utilising them, so focus not just on the passer-by, but also the person carrying the bag.

A better-quality branded bag will be out there more times than a poorly designed bag. The bag should also be easy to carry with better strap, spacious in size and with a wide range of colour with trendy designs.


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