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Tips for small businesses that are looking to upgrade their office equipment

by on January 25, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Small Business, Startups

Tips for small businesses that are looking to upgrade their office equipment

Office equipment is one of those things that every business needs to invest in because they use it on a daily basis.

With that said, this equipment takes a fair amount of stress and can start to show the signs of wear and tear sooner than you think.

Then take into account the fact that software is always being updated and evolving and your equipment may become outdated within just a couple of short years.

If you’re a small business currently looking to upgrade your office equipment but wants to do so in the most productive, secure, safe, and cost-effective way possible, then these tips should help you do just that.

Make Sure All Data is Properly Destroyed On Old Machines

Whenever you are looking at replacing computers in the office, then you have old ones that you will need to dispose of.

Whether you plan to sell them or recycle them, businesses need to be mindful of the data that is stored on the computers. The last thing any business wants is for their information, or their client’s information, to end up in someone else’s hands.

This is why it is wise to look into professional IT asset disposal. Companies such as EOL IT Services offer IT disposal, data destruction, and then recycling of the equipment. This will eliminate any potential security risks with having data sit on a machine you are no longer using.

Don’t Tackle All Upgrades at Once

Another tip is to avoid tackling every upgrade at once.

While it can be tempting to replace all the equipment in your office – computers, printers, phones, etc. – you’ll end up with a rather large invoice and you’ll most likely have a fair amount of downtime while everything is set-up.

Most businesses can’t afford to just stop everything while new computers, software, and training takes place.

Instead, it’s a good idea to come up with a logical plan where you tackle a few areas at once, limiting the cost and any potential downtime.

Understand What is Needed

Sometimes businesses can get caught up with thinking they need the latest computer, the most powerful printer, the most cutting-edge software when in reality it’s not all needed.

It’s wise to speak to employees about what they need to get their job done in an effective and efficient manner, and then look at what you currently have with a critical eye.

It may be that you don’t need to replace as much equipment as you initially thought.

Consider Leasing Office Equipment Rather than Buying

As for a money saving tip, small businesses can usually benefit in leasing their office equipment rather than buying it. The cost will be significantly lower, and it gives you the opportunity to use the latest and greatest equipment out there.

Upgrading office equipment is something every business will need to do eventually, but with these tips, you can do so in a manner that makes the most sense from an efficiency and budget point of view.

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