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Question Time : What awkwardness happened between Diane and Isobel?

The very strange case of the London to Derby train incident

Most of the time I am quick to pick up any in jokes when it comes to political chat shows. Last night I did not make the grade as I could not understand why the mention of arriving by train instead of car created such a strong reaction.

However everything was made clear when the strange case of the London to Derby train incident was exposed by Guido Fawkes. No wonder Diane Abbott was so rattled during the show.

Isabel Oakeshott

Viewers may have detected a slight edge to the Question Time exchanges last night between Isabel Oakeshott and Diane Abbott.

The awkwardness began earlier in the evening on the train to Derby when they found themselves sat next to each other in First Class.

Diane was, according to Guido’s source in the carriage, not amused to find herself sat next to the bad girl of Brexit. Small talk was limited on the journey.

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When they arrived at Derby station, Diane somehow managed to drop her money on the floor. She struggled to pick up the money, which given Diane’s generous size she was finding difficult to retrieve from under the table and chairs.

Given that the train would soon be pulling out of the station, Isabel helped pick up the coins, lest Question Time’s other guest should miss her station.

Handing the cash back to Diane, Isabel quipped “I’m tempted to make a political point about Labour’s recklessness with money.” The other First Class passengers laughed. 

Diane responded with her trademark death stare…