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Why promotional mugs should be a part of any branding strategy

by on January 24, 2019 in Advertising, Events & Awards, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Why promotional mugs should be a part of any branding strategy

Every successful business has in some way implemented a branding strategy that works.

The primary purpose of branding is to increase customer recognition of a company’s name and to make consumers link that name to a particular image or idea.

For example, when people think of Nike, they connect the name (as well as the “swoosh” logo) to hip shoes endorsed by athletes and other influencers. When they think of Coke, they link it to a refreshing soft drink that can be enjoyed in a number of situations (with a meal, at the cinema, etc.)

Proper branding helps build customer loyalty, increase customer retention, and attract new customers as name and reputation become more widespread. Obviously, entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t have the marketing budget and manpower of multinational corporations like Nike and Coke. So how do growing companies and startups get their name out there?

The Power of Promotional Products

What is a promotional product? It’s basically any item that features branding (like a logo, a slogan, and/or contact information) that’s meant to be given away to customers and potential ones.

They can also be given to people who will never patronise the business, but their use of the promotional product might act as an advertisement to others. This can be celebrities or other influential types, but it can also be regular people who interact with others often.

The power of promotional items lies in the way that a company’s brand (and possibly message) can be put in front of people in their everyday lives, in ways that traditional marketing can’t. Traditional marketing tends to be disposable, like brochures that can easily be thrown away or billboards that are seen for a split second.

It’s more difficult to part with physical products, such as pens, T-shirts, and umbrellas, because it would seem wasteful. If the item can remain in a person’s life for an extended period of time, the branding on that item is all the more effective in the long term.

Why Mugs Are the Perfect Promotional Item

Small items like promotional pens and printed keyrings can easily be thrown into a drawer and forgotten about.

Even if they are used on a regular basis, the branding is so small that it might not even register in the user’s mind and it might not be seen by anybody in close proximity. What’s the purpose of branding if people don’t notice it?

That’s why promotional mugs are the perfect promotional product. When a mug is put down in between sips, the branding is on prominent display.

Mugs are also receiving daily use. Those who drink coffee or tea tend to do so every day, which means the branding is being broadcast daily, whether it’s in the office around other co-workers or at home with friends and family.

Branded travel mugs are especially good because users take those mugs on the go, which means the branding can draw many more eyeballs as the mug moves throughout the day.

The Bottom Line

Different occasions will call for different promotional items. But in situations where promotional mugs seem like perfect gifts, business owners should take them into serious consideration. When it comes to branding, there’s power in the promotional mug.

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