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Printed tote bags by Promo Parrot

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Printed tote bags by Promo Parrot

With some thought given to their design and wording printed bags can be highly effective at brand promotion, especially if the bags are well made.

Shopping bags, as retailers have known for many years also have the purpose of being promotional bags for any company or retailer that hands them out or sells them to their customers.

There are specialist firms who produce printed bags to order and to your specific design requests. This is a review of the services offered by Promo Parrot.

Promo Parrot are a promotions firm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and they will supply you with promotional and printed bags made in the numbers that you require.

It is simple to place an order, you just visit the website and browse the different sizes and types of shopping and tote bags you can be supplied.

It is a simple process to pick the bag you need, design the logo or picture on it, then order in the size, colour, and quantity, which suits you the best bags for promoting your own firm, or organisation.

The great thing about how the site is set up in such a way that it is easy to get the tote bag that suits your requirements the best.

You can experiment with the bags to see which logos, colours, pictures, styles, and sizes go together the best.

The Promo Parrot site having the preview is a definite advantage as you can design the bag how it needs to look to promote your business in the best light.

There is technical assistance available if you are unable to design the printed bag how you want, or you have queries. All you have to do is ring the number on the website during office hours Monday to Friday.

The main size bags available are 5 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz sizes, with the prices increasing the larger the size selected, as well as the quality of the material used.

The most basic 5 oz tote bag starts at 57 pence and the most expensive 10 oz image tote bag begins at £2.73 per bag.

All the bags are made to a high standard and the company has content customers right across the whole of the UK. These prices are still among the most competitive across the whole country.

Printed tote bags when designed and made in the most eye catching ways can certainly draw attention to your brand and promote it to as wide an audience as possible.

When you pick out a style, size and type of bag you can start designing it and then proceed to placing your order.

The most economical way to this is to order an higher number of bags, as this will reduce the cost per each bag.

Once the order has been placed and paid for the bags will be shipped out to you by an agreed date. All in all the printed bags will do a great job of promoting your company.

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