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DIY ways to promote your business for free

While every business owner wants to market their products or services in the best possible way, but not everybody has wads of cash to invest in high-end marketing campaigns during the initial stage.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot promote your business out there. Before the internet came into existence, there were only very few low-cost marketing techniques.

Today, the internet provides you ample ways to market your brand without spending a lot of money. In fact, this article will show you how you can promote your business at completely free of cost.

#1 Embrace Social Media

Social media isn’t just about getting exposure today, but it has become a powerful platform to promote businesses. Marketing your company on social media profiles will not only help you boost your sales, but you can also interact with your customers to know their valuable feedback of your products or services.

You can share industry news, your company updates, new stock and everything related to your business. The key to successful social media marketing is the frequency of the posts. Create your profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube and start posting at completely free of cost.

#2 Get Involved In Community and Forums

Communities and forums are a great way to interact with like-minded people. When users are stuck and searching for solutions online, they often turn up to the forums.

There are on websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora where people post their problems and questions. You can search for questions related to your industry and actively contribute to solve their problems.

Don’t focus on promoting your business straightforward, but passively insert a link in your signature or put it only when it is appropriate to do. Build your rapport and you will surely see a rise in your customers.

#3 Associate With Coupons Website

There are websites like and Groupon that allows you to promote your business in the form of discount vouchers and deals. You just need to contact them and agree upon the terms of discounts and commission of promoting.

Once you associate with them, they will start promoting your products and services. When a purchase is made through these websites, you need to pay only a small commission to them.

Keep in mind that you need to pay only when the sale is made. Listing is absolutely free. This way you are likely to receive a huge number of customers.

#4 Run A Blog

A blog is an effective way to keep your customers returning to your business. It will not only help you get more visitors, but it will also convert more visitors into customers.

Don’t just sell your products, but let your customers know how it can be helpful and how it can be used the right way.

For example, if you are selling home décor items, then post blogs about how to decorate your home, how to match style, etc. Post as frequently as you can and you will definitely experience the sales going up in a few months.

There are more than just 4 ways to market your brand – all you need to do is be creative and leverage the advantage of things around us.

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