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Is there value in social media marketing and advertising?

Social media is woven so deeply into the fabric of our lives that it’s become an extension of who we are.

Originally, the idea behind social networking sites was to serve as a method of communication like email.

Since then the concept has evolved, creating a digital world that changed the way people interact with each other, their favorite celebrities and brands.

It’s not surprising that this new way of communicating and consuming information has changed the way brands approach marketing. Since the rise of social media, digital marketers have started to place more focus on reaching potential customers on social media platforms. The two best ways to do this is through social media marketing and social media advertising.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a formof digital marketing. It focuses on developing techniques that promote products/services and create brand awareness through social networks.

This is done by organically creating a strong digital presence on social media websites by interacting with a specific target audience.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is a form of digital marketing. It focuses on paid-for advertising techniques that create brand awareness and promote products or services on social media websites.

This is done by paying for adverts that target a specific audience.

By considering the behavioral, demographic and geographic data provided by social networking sites, brands are able to identify their target audience and distribute adverts to users based on this information.

Why your brand needs social media marketing and social media advertising

While the focus of social media marketing and social media advertising are slightly different, these concepts do their best work together. This is because they are linked by the overall goals, concepts and strategy of the brand.

A brand’s social media marketing strategy uses its profile to reach and attract its audience. It does so by creating an attractive profile with relevant, engaging content.

Social media advertising uses this as a foundation. While social media marketing focuses on keeping your audience interested, social media advertising goes out to find new customers.


The Importance of Social Media Marketing and Advertising

  • Increase Website Traffic

Because of our digital lifestyle, the best place to reach your brand’s target audience is online. Posting on social media gives your brand the ability to reach millions of potential customers.

These posts create an opportunity for your audience to find and engage with your website too. By having access to such a large audience this will automatically increase your website traffic.

  • Boosts SEO

Social media posts have the ability to increase website traffic. This increase will have a positive effect on how search engines index your website. This will result in your website having a higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERP), which is the main goal of search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Understand Your Audience

What makes social media marketing cool is the ability to interact with customers on a more personal level. By reading their comments and messages you will gain insights into their behavior, likes and dislikes.

These insights make social media an excellent marketing tool. Because by understanding your audience, you can create better content and more compelling posts, improve sales conversions and even optimize your brand strategy.

  • Targeting and Re-targeting.

Social media platforms offer highly targeted and customizable ads which can be tailored to your customers needs. For example: Facebook and Instagram adverts can target customers by using data such as education level, employment industryand even user behavior (based on the pages a user has liked).

  • Builds Brand Loyalty

Research has found that brands who maintain an active social media presence tend to have more loyal customers. This is because taking the time to provide information, answer questions and find solutions to problems builds trust.

Your customers will see your brand as caring and reliable. This sort of brand loyalty will give you an added edge over your competitors too.


Social Media marketing and social media advertising plays an important part of any marketing strategy by helping to take your brand directly to your target audience.

But if you’re still a little unsure about how to do it, sign up for a social media marketing course to help you get started.

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