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Tips to hiring the best SEO services in UK

by on March 4, 2019 in Business, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Search Marketing

Tips to hiring the best SEO services in UK

When choosing a trusted and reputable SEO or Search Engine Optimization services in the UK, there are important things that you have to consider.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a critical aspect of your digital marketing, which creates a huge impact on your ranking, traffic, conversion rate, and sales.

Be smart in choosing and avoid the common pitfalls of hiring SEO services in the UK with these helpful tips:


Don’t Use Google as a Filter

Google is a good source of reliable information, but using it as a filter to check the best SEO companies is not a good idea. Most often than not, the best SEO services in UK don’t spend on working to optimize their website, like the Ocean One SEO website. Good SEO agencies consistently do great work, get referrals, and are in-demand but aren’t necessarily top-ranking.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Good SEO companies are overwhelmed with clients which means more work and referrals.

  • No need to optimize their websites because they have high retention and high satisfaction rates.

  • These trusted and reputable SEO agencies are incredibly busy, and they make a lot of money because of a job well done.

  • SEO insiders and influencers recommend good SEO agencies to potential clients without spending much on marketing or advertising their SEO services.

Note: Do not trust sites offering ‘Top SEO’ lists except for trusted and reputable sites such as and Moz. It’s because SEO companies can’t pay these trustworthy sites to be listed.


Always Look for the Portfolio

SEO specialists are experts at getting websites on top of the search engines, helping you generate targeted web traffic through effective content marketing and other applicable marketing strategies. One way to prove the promised results is by checking their credentials and portfolio, which showcases their abilities and skills.

Here are the things that you need to check in the portfolio of your prospective SEO company:

  • Ask about samples or proof of optimized search phrases or keywords. Screenshots are good, but you also need to check the top ranking sites yourself.

  • Know the exact number of websites that appear on search engine results with a specific search phrase. Choose a search phrase similar to yours.

  • While your goal is to be on the number one spot, page ranks on the first page is a significant accomplishment for an SEO company. Make sure to have realistic expectations as well.


Look for the Good Qualities

All SEO companies want to look good to potential clients by promising the best results in the soonest time possible using a ‘secret strategy.’

However, there’s no secret sauce in SEO. Don’t believe in proprietary methodology because SEO is an open field. Instead, look for the qualities of a good SEO company.

Here are the qualities you need to look for when hiring SEO services in the UK:

  • Open Communication

    Listens to your SEO concerns and goals, and provide several communication options for a smoother implementation of the SEO process. Choose one with 24/7 client support so you can always contact the company for any query or issues.

  • Flexibility

    Willing to sit down and answer all your questions to figure out the objective you want to achieve. A good SEO company can make revisions or changes with minimal disruption on the overall process and original timeline.

  • Technical Expertise

    SEO is a complex process which involves not only content management but also ensuring that a website is optimized for SEO voice searches and AI-based platforms. All of these things would require in-depth technical SEO expertise.

  • Integrity

    Ask how the SEO company will achieve the best results and make sure that the strategies presented will nott hurt your website in the long run. White Hat SEO strategies are preferred than manipulating the SEO algorithm through Black Hat methods or dirty tactics.

  • Reliability

    Search engine optimization is a great way to boost your sales. That is why you need a reliable agency that provides organic traffic for a long-term solution and engagement with your visitors and customers, to keep them coming back to avail your products and services.



Hiring the best SEO services in the UK is somehow similar to hiring SEO companies in different places. The only difference relies on the cultural boundaries that may affect the effectiveness of SEO strategies.

That’s why hiring an SEO company from the UK is your best option if your target audience is from the UK to ensure you’re both on the same page in goal setting.

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