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Women for Women : “Brands are dropping the ball by missing out on this household spending segment”

It is no secret that women hold the keys to household spending. And despite earning 80 cents on the dollar (and far less for women of colour), their share of personal wealth in the U.S. keeps increasing—to about 60 percent—meaning they will have close to $22 trillion (that is not a typo!) by 2020.

Women are living longer and better. They are not taking the increase in life expectancy and stretching out old age with more bingo and birdwatching; they are taking advantage of it now.

Women have never been more engaged, more motivated, more in control of their lives than ever before. And brands are missing out.

The vast majority of women over 40 feel that brands underestimate their spending power and intelligence while overestimating their preoccupation with appearance.

As marketers, despite all the effort we spend mining insights, we are clearly not appealing to a woman’s need to be acknowledged for the way she sees herself today: younger, sexier, cooler than she imagined she would feel at this point in her life.

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Women are feeling powerful and fulfilled, and they have no idea why brands treat them like they are only interested in hiding their incontinence, smoothing their wrinkles or essentially just not being over 40.

And that is if brands include them in the conversation at all. For women, their 40s and 50s are the age of invisibility.

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