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5 free ways to grow your website with no budget

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5 free ways to grow your website with no budget

Strong online presence is essential for any kind of business these days. Companies create websites, build landing pages and stay active on social media to raise their brand.

All your marketing efforts should be aimed to make your site visible and easily found online.

You could work with a marketing agency that will do all the dirty job for you: engage customers and boost traffic. However, what if you’re running a small business then all your budget would spend on creating your product? Are there ways to grow your website with zero budget for marketing?

In this guide, we will share a few tips on how to grow your website with no budget.

Create a Website

Having a website is a must these days, and it is not a point of discussion. Many companies realize that the website helps potential customers find a company, inform people, and promote services. There are numerous firms that can help you create website design you need, from construction websites to portfolios, blogs, and landing pages.

With a website you can have a broader demographic reach, a site transmits your information around the globe. Customers consider your business more credible over companies who have no website.

Besides, a beautiful, useful website allows you to build communication between you and your clients, both existing and potential ones.

Improve Your Website SEO

People who claim that SEO is dead don’t understand the entire process of optimization. Proper SEO can increase website traffic and boost brand awareness. Take the website on top of SERP will help people find your website and as a result, get more conversions.

Website optimization for search engines is a never-ending work. It’s not enough to simply set up all metadata and keywords on your website. You should always keep updated and check out the latest algorithm requirements and innovations.

Domain authority is crucial. Modern Google algorithm is more tied to traditional search ranking signals such as domain authority, backlinks, and others. Thus, you need to pay extra attention to these factors.

Among the other important ranking factors are the quality of links referring to website domain, the physical address of the business, quality of reviews and citations, the inclusion of the city and state in H1 titles and CTR.

Quick SEO Tips:

  • Make regular research of your competitors to fetch out their ways of creating website content, keywords, backlinks that help them make it higher on rankings. And try to use these for your own business.

  • Make sure your business is listed in all the popular business directories within your industry niche. It helps to establish a strong business presence. Check if your business name, address, phone number, and email are the same in all directories to help crawlers to identify you correctly;

  • For a local business, include your city or state into the website’s title tags;

  • Set up Google Plus Local Page. Pay attention to positive reviews on your Local page because it influences your ranking in search results positively.

Create Quality Useful Content

Every website owner knows that good content helps to attract visitors, gain traffic and boost sales. Since we’re talking about free ways to increase traffic and engagement, you have to focus on the quality of content that helps to solves users’ issues.

Even if you are running a company that sells car tires, there are plenty of topics you can cover on your blog. Read the FAQ section and pay attention to comments and questions your customers may ask. It is an excellent source of new topics for your blog posts.

Think about related industries and topics to create useful, high-quality content. Make sure to add beautiful images and graphics to the articles so that people could share them on social media. Besides, pictures make online posts look more attractive and easy-to-read.

Another free way to improve your domain authority and drive traffic to your website is guest posting. Find blogs within your niche and get in touch with them offering cooperation. Provide them a useful piece of content with a natural mention of your resource in it. This way a blog owner will get a new article, and you get a backlink.

Be Active on Social Media

With over 1.1 billion users in 2019, Instagram is the most popular social media platform these days. You can’t ignore Instagram and possibilities it gives you in terms of advertising and website growing. Over 83% of Americans have accounts on social media which makes them a massive audience of potential clients for brands.

You should definitely have a social media account connected to your brand and website. Facebook allows creating a Brand Page to promote your brand. Create a Business account for Instagram with your brand page, and you’ll get rich statistics about views and followers behavior on your profile.

Most entrepreneurs believe they should create an account on every existing social network. It’s a wrong strategy. Instead of creating accounts on multiple networks, you should decide two or three that you use the most, and where your audience is.

For example, if you are a photographer you can neglect Twitter, but definitely should focus on Instagram. Besides, managing multiple social media accounts takes time, but with 2-3 profiles, you can save time and focus on building your followers.

Collaborate with Influencers

These days companies tend to pay thousands of dollars to influencers who recommend their product or service. Influencers are people with a massive following on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

Modern users are more likely to trust their close environment like friends and bloggers they follow than traditional advertising. Recent studies show that people trust online reviews as much as friends.

Don’t aim at influencers with millions of followers since the price for their sponsored post could vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Instead, try to find local microbloggers with 10-50k followers and offer them barter advertising.

It’s a perfect plan for companies with low budget: you give a product or provide your service to a blogger, and he/she recommends your company to their followers.

However, make sure your product is high-quality because if bloggers stay unsatisfied, they could deny sharing information about your business.

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