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Prince2 Certification: Principles, Background, and Exam

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Prince2 Certification: Principles, Background, and Exam

Prince2 is a structured certification Program for project management. It emphasizes on dividing projects into controllable and manageable stages.

This certification Program is adopted in many countries such as Australia, Western European countries, the United Kingdom, and more. Its procedure lies in the public domain and offers excellent guidance for managing projects.

Features and Background of Prince2 Certification Program:

  • Aims on Business Justification

  • Available in Many Languages

  • Planning Approach and Product-based Thinking

  • Flexibility at Different Levels of Project

  • The Structure of an Organization is Well-defined for the Team Handling the Project

Prince2 was established in 1989 under the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), which is now renamed as the Office of Government Commerce.

Initially, the Prince2 Certification program was PROMPT (Project Resource Organization Management Planning Techniques) based, which itself was a project management method set up by Sim-pact System Ltd in 1975. This method was later carried out by CCTA in 1979.

After Prince program was introduced, PROMPT got concealed in government projects. However, Prince2 was later generated in 1989, having been supported by more than 150 European organizations. Nowadays, Prince2 certification is a need for an aspiring IT professional in order to deal with every new project easily.

Benefits of Prince2 Certification Program

Prince2 is an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. This course is used extensively by the UK government, though Prince2 is internationally recognized. It is helpful for ones in the long run of their career.

  • It Improves Employment Prospects

A qualification of Prince2 certification is an efficient asset for your CV. Once you are done with the course, all you need is to show proof of certification online. The certification body APMG International contains the official registration for Prince2 Successful Candidates. Anyone can check his or her registration there.

Therefore, you don’t need to send any certificate or document of Prince2 certification to any organization. Everything is available online.

  • You are Not Bound to Only One Field

A Project Management Methodology, Prince2 is not tied to any specific organization or industry type. You can demonstrate this certificate in any type of organization, in any project, or in any industry.

This provides you with thousands of opportunities to work on different projects precisely.

  • Prince2 Certified Professionals Earn in Large Numbers

You would be glad to know that after you become a Prince2 Certificate holder, nothing can stop you from earning thrice of the salary before the certification.

  • Prince2 Certification Program is Compatible with Many Organizations

Prince2 is not a sole hero, but an independent certification for project management. The certificate holders have professional knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of a project manager.

During the course, they are taught how to play an important role in managing the new project and learn to minimize the chances of a project getting failed.

  • Easy to Start

The time committed to prepare or study this course doesn’t rely on any particular duration. You can start anytime. While choosing a Prince2 course, preparation time, cost involved, and benefits are significantly important factors to consider at first.

Prince2 certification provides a unique benefit that allows you to start your preparation for giving the Prince2 Foundation exam only. It means you can do a professional project management certification without engaging yourself to a huge amount of costs and training time.

Once you are done with the Prince2 Foundation Certification, you’ll be cognizant of what to do next. This makes a process of stepping into Project Management Certification career imperatively simpler.

Prince2: 7 Themes, Principles, and Processes

7 Principles: A Framework for Good Learning!

  1. Endured Business Justification

A project must form a good business sense. There should be an accurate ROI (Return on Investment) along with the justified resources and time.

  1. Better Experience

Project teams should refer to previous projects available in a lesson log.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities

Everyone in a project team should know their task and perform them together.

  1. Exception Management

There should be no much intervention of the one, leading the team if a project is running well. He or she is only informed if there is any problem.

  1. Stage Management

Difficult tasks are broken into easy methods.

  1. Emphasize on Products

Everyone in a team should discuss and know what can be expected from the product provided. Product requirements regulate work activity.

  1. Scaled to the Environment

Prince2 can be easily tailored and scaled. Projects done by Prince2 certified professionals are more likely to succeed swiftly than those who are not.

7 Themes: Insight into Project Management!

  1. Business Status

Relied on endured business justification, this theme provides information about whether a business is attainable or worthwhile.

  1. Organization

Relevant to the principle of roles and responsibilities, the organization theme allows project managers to maintain a record of everyone’s role and responsibility.

  1. Quality

This theme is focused on the principle of product emphasis and is an abstract concept.

  1. Plans

A plan is all about achieving the targets and focusing on timescale, quality, cost, advantages, and products.

  1. Risk

The aim of this theme is to assess, recognize, and control uncertain events of a project.

  1. Change

This theme describes handling issues and changes arise during the project.

  1. Progress

It includes a project tracking. This allows project managers to check if they are going according to the plan.

7 Processes: Managing and Approving the Project Handling!

  1. SU: Starting of a Project

  • Answers all logistical questions about the project

  • Explain the perspective of a project like, who will carry and who will execute the project

  1. IP: Initiating a Project

This process is all about managing the following performance:

  • Cost

  • Scope

  • Risk

  • Time

  • Quality

  • Benefits

  1. DP: Directing a Project

It includes the following activities

  • Stage boundaries

  • Project closure

  • Initiation

  • Ad hoc guidance/direction

  1. CS: Controlling a Stage

Project managers assign a task to the team and hold the following tasks:

  • Stepping into the right issues

  • Reporting and overseeing on work package pace

Meanwhile, a team manager performs the following tasks:

  • Maintain communication between a project manager and team members

  • Managing daily work

  1. MP: Managing Product Delivery

It consists of three activities:

  • Accepting of work package

  • Implementing a work package

  • Delivering a work package

  1. SB: Managing State Boundaries

It contains four activities:

  • Plan the next method

  • Update the project strategy

  • Update the business plan

  • Generate an exception plan

  1. CP: Closing/ending a Project

  • Inactive the project

  • Identify every step from start to end of the project

  • Create advantages and project evaluation report

  • Liberate leftover resources

  • Handover products to the consumer

There is more that Prince2 certification can provide! Professionals might get worried if they get failed in the exam, but there is not much to concern as the exam is quite easy.

You’ll be provided with the course material while you are undergoing extensive training.


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