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Why flexible office space in Gateshead is a great business solution

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Why flexible office space in Gateshead is a great business solution

A flexible office space refers to a flexible alternative solution to traditional offices. It is also called as a flex space or shared office space, equipped with basic equipment, such as phone lines, chairs, and desks.

A flexible office is a great business solution for new and expanding businesses, and even if you have already an existing and long-term business.

Learn more about the good reasons why you need a flexible office space Gateshead for a successful business.


Mobile Working

Flexible offices are not fixed or permanent, promoting mobile working. It means that you and your employees can work in alternating locations unlike having fixed workstations.

Here are the benefits of mobile working:

  • Share a flexible workspace with other employees or staff from different companies.

  • Arrange and design your office anytime to improve productivity.

  • Mobile working promotes participation, collaboration, better employee and employer relationship, and work ethics.

Complete Office Environment

A flexible office space won’t downsize you with office equipment, features and amenities. You and your employees can enjoy all the perks of a traditional office in a shared workspace.

Here are the things you can expect from a shared office space:

  • Facilities: Boardroom and meeting rooms, secretarial services, catering, printing area, and communication services

  • Office Environment: Air conditioned offices, electricity, water, power and data points, 24/7 access to private and lock-up suites, office furniture, cleaning services, and shared access to balconies, toilets, and kitchens

  • Security: Access control, armed response, motion detectors, sensory pads, and closed-circuit television or CCTV

  • Reception: Send and receive faxes, send and receive courier packages or post, and you have your receptionist to take and receive calls

  • Data Network: High-speed internet, on-call technical support, cable network, switches, and routers


Long-Term Commitment Is Not Required

As a new business owner, it’s risky to commit to long-term contract terms or lease duration. It’s a good thing that shared office spaces provide flexibility to start-up businesses with decreased leasing or rental cost.

Watch to help you find a flexible office space in Gateshead.

Here are the good-to-know facts about flexible workspace leases:

  • The length of shared office space leases differs.

  • You can extend your lease depending on your requirements and business needs.

  • Flexible workspace leases roll month-to-month. You can opt for at least four to six months, or you can even extend your contract for two years.


Less Disruptive Transition

Most flexible office spaces are ready to move in, so transitioning or moving from one premise to another is less disruptive. When comparing a traditional space and a shared office space, both have similarities.

Here are the similarities of flexible office spaces and traditional workspaces:

  • Notice is provided before business owners or companies vacate the premises. It’s just that flexispaces would require shorter notice.

  • Both office spaces require deposit and insurance.

  • Flexible offices, like traditional workspaces, may come furnished or unfurnished.


Business Scalability

Flexible office spaces are considered temporary workspaces, supporting businesses in every stage of development. A traditional office rental might not accommodate the needs of your business and support the well-being of your employees. You may need additional space during a busy period, and flex spaces provide an excellent business solution to your growing company.

Here are the scalability benefits of flexible office spaces:

  • You don’t have to vacate your office space while looking for a long-term space.

  • Start-up businesses can rent a temporary office space before committing to leasing a specific location.

  • Hire more employees and redesign the flexispace according to work demands.


Reduced Overhead Costs

One of the most important advantages of flexible office space is reduced overhead costs. It is because shared office spaces are cheaper or more affordable than traditional office spaces.

Here are the essential cost-effective benefits of flexible office spaces:

  • All expenses are already included in one fixed monthly fee, such as parking, electricity, heating, water, and business rates.

  • Many providers offer extras like visitor parking spaces or business storage spaces.

  • With a shared workspace, you only pay a fixed amount monthly. That’s why financial planning is made easier. Also, budgeting is more accurate.

  • You have the option of renting a serviced or a managed flexible office without worrying about hiring a receptionist to welcome your customer or to do admin jobs.

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Renting a flexible office space is your best business decision if you’re still starting your company or you see your business growth for the next one to two years.

The important reasons you should consider renting a shared space include reduced overhead cost, scalability, no long-term contracts required, and less disruption when moving from one place to another.



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