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4 marketing tips for recruiting the best financial advisors

Modern recruitment is a competitive space, and it’s becoming more and more difficult for brands to attract the best talent.   

The most talented and motivated recruits, especially those interested in joining a Recruiter startup, are often attracted by the prospect of working with the latest financial advisor technology and cutting-edge systems.

In fact, many of the best candidates aren’t actively looking for a new role, but with the right combination of marketing and recruitment, even passive candidates will be persuaded to apply to work with you.

But why and how can marketing tactics improve your recruitment strategy? Essentially, because you’ll be able to communicate your message more efficiently, promote the benefits of your brand as an employer, get your position in front your target market and persuade the right candidates to apply.

Here are 4 tips to help you transform your recruitment strategy with marketing tactics and attract the best talent in the finance industry.

  1. Highlight Your Company’s Technology

The most talented and motivated recruits are often attracted by the prospect of working with the latest financial advisor technology and cutting-edge systems. They want to use technology which will enable them to flourish and showcase their expertise.

The world of business and finance is evolving at an incredibly fast pace. Make sure you highlight the most advanced elements of your company’s technological infrastructure to ensure your company attracts employees who are comfortable working in these conditions.

  1. Promote Opportunities For Progression

Often, the best candidates have ambitions for professional development and promotion.

In addition to outlining what your company can offer candidates now, you should give some indication of what you can offer them in the future. If you offer one-to-one mentoring or offer in-house training, make sure it’s included as a benefit.

  1. Understand Your Candidates

To stand out from the crowd, you need to understand what financial advisors are looking for when moving to a new position.

Some are looking for the highest salary possible, others may be focused on the next step in a long-term career plan, and some are simply looking for a company with an excellent reputation which will support them professionally and personally. You should get to know your candidates as far as possible so you can tailor your job offer to them.

Social media platforms can be a fantastic way to advertise positions as it gives you the opportunity to interact with candidates before interviews. You may also be able to look into a candidate’s social profiles, professional or personal, to glean more about their background and motivations.

Financial advisor recruitment agencies are often vital when it comes to getting to know candidates as they will have already ascertained their current career ambitions. They will be able to recommend quality candidates with expertise which is relevant to your sector and will vet each of them to ensure they are a good match for your company.

  1. Create Intriguing Adverts, Not Job Descriptions

Your job description, specification or advert should be one and the same. You need to outline the key responsibilities of the role, but it’s also your opportunity to sell the benefits of working for your business.

Try to create a unique and compelling proposition for your candidates including a competitive salary, key benefits and any commission schemes. Many modern candidates are also looking for a company which will prioritise their personal health and wellbeing, so don’t underestimate the importance of highlighting this aspect.