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Can getting printed travel mugs for your business boost employee morale?

by on June 24, 2019 in Events & Awards, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Can getting printed travel mugs for your business boost employee morale?

So, you have a business and you have staff. Your staff are going to be the ones who make or break your business, a sensible business owner knows that and works to keep his / her staff happy.

It is not always possible to pay your staff huge salaries but your staff will be happy with a reasonable salary cheque if they know that they are working in an environment where they are respected and looked after.

One way that an employer can put a smile on the face of his / her employees is to offer freebies, they don’t have to cost the company much but for the employee, it represents a thanks for services rendered and a recognition of their worth.

A sensible business will consider the freebies carefully and will want some free advertising if possible too. What better than to arrange some branded travel mugs with your business logo. There are many reasons why getting these printed travel mugs could be a good idea to help boost your employees morale.

As we have mentioned, a gift, a freebie is just a way of a company saying a small thanks and showing that they care.

  • A travel mug is in fact a very helpful item to carry around and provides a useful purpose for an employee on the go. If you were to pay attention to the design, have it branded with your logo, in a colourful  and eye catching way, it can also make for good advertising for your brand as everywhere that your employee goes, your brand goes too.

  • It allows your employees to carry around a part of the company and a quirky design provides him / her with a talking point at events which can also be useful, providing an icebreaker and giving your employee that sense of importance of being associated with what looks like a big brand.

  • Having branded products, perhaps bought in bulk, affords your employees the opportunity to work with some of your clients and provide them with giveaways which is always helpful for your employee to have up their sleeve, allowing them another avenue by which they can add value.

  • A travel mug can work like a business card, an introduction with a difference however. Clients appreciate giveaways and a travel mug is always something that they could use and every time that they do, they will be reminded of your company.

  • It allows your employees to offer gifts to particular clients at a time such as Christmas and it allows you, the boss, to give all of your employees a gift at that time, to say thanks and to bring everyone together.

As a generation, we give gifts and everyone loves to receive a gift.  It does not have to be a big, expensive gift, it’s the thought behind it that counts.

An employee who is well looked after and who feels has something to offer a client is likely to reward you with their loyalty for years to come.


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