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Why getting to the top of Google is important

by on June 8, 2019 in Digital Marketing, Google, Latest News, Lead Article, Social Media

Why getting to the top of Google is important

In the digital world, one of the most powerful search engine tools is Google.

People search and browse different topics, buy stuff online, watch the news, stay connected, and engage, trusting and making decisions based on Google’s results.

Google significantly impacts businesses, so making it on top is everyone’s priority.

In this post, you’ll learn the importance of ranking on top of Google for your business. By doing so, you’ll be able to implement appropriate strategies to strengthen your brand and boost sales.

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Increase Your Traffic

A website’s click-through rate declines as it ranks lower on Google, which means you’re missing out a lot of clicks and good traffic. That’s why you need to get a guaranteed ranking on Google’s page one.

If your website lands on the first page of Google, expect a dramatic increase in your traffic. There’s a significant difference in the click-through rates (the number of times a site is clicked) for the top and bottom results.

According to a SmartInsights study, the clickthrough rates based on Google positioning show the following results:

  • First Page: 36.4% click-through rate

  • Second Page: 12.5% click-through rate

  • Third Page: 9.5% click-through rate


Increase Authority And Generate Quality Leads

The closer your site gets to the top of Google’s search results, the better your brand and industry authority. That’s why it’s crucial to create high-quality content and make sure that Google will recognize it and searchers are satisfied.

Here are the benefits of writing high-quality content to increase authority:

  • You stay in tune with your visitors and target audience, as well as the latest updates or trends in your industry.

  • It facilitates the flow of credible and reliable information upon which your business firmly stands.

  • Through your informative blog or article, you’ll get discovered by quality leads or consumers who are searching online with serious intentions of buying or doing business.

  • Get quality leads by implementing a website launch checklist to ensure that you launch your new or upgraded website with a bang. In that way, you’ll create a positive impression on your target audience.


Increase Customer Engagement

Based on an Adweek report, majority of shoppers, about 81%, research online before buying, enabling consumers to learn, compare, and engage with different businesses before clicking on a result and making a decision.

Google provides a lot of search options for consumers, like local results that show reviews, maps, ratings, descriptions, and contact details, as well as the “People also ask” and snippets sections.

Here are some techniques to improve your ranking and customer engagement, and be on top of Google’s search results:

  • Include the keywords on the body of your web content for which you are trying to rank, though avoid excessively inserting these keywords. Google can detect keyword stuffing and penalize websites that practice it.

  • Provide trustworthy, useful, easy-to-read, and informative content to keep consumers coming back to avail of your products and services.

  • Use infographics, videos, professionally taken pictures, audio, and other forms of media to appeal to your target audience. Make sure that these are SEO-optimized so Google can crawl and index your content to increase your ranking.


Improve Your Visibility

Being on top of Google is similar to establishing your brick-and-mortar business on the main road. If your site appears on the fourth to the tenth Google results pages, you’re like putting up a business in a quiet side street or the most remote areas of the city with less or zero foot traffic, which is terrible for your establishment.

Remember that Google is focused on quality, not on quantity, so small and big companies have equal opportunities to get into the top rank. Once you earn a top spot on Google, you increase your chances of getting features in the first-page snippets, which grants your business instant exposure and increased credibility.

Here are the types of media to help you achieve the coveted first-page status:

  • Website pages and blogs in organic results

  • Your website content snippets in the search results page features of Google, such as the answer box, and “People also ask”

  • Your Google My Business listing, either in the local or maps section

  • Your landing pages through the paid ads section



Business owners don’t want to get on top of Google for no reason or just for the sake of being number one. It means a lot when it comes to traffic, click-through rate, generating leads, conversions, and boosting sales.

If you want to achieve the short-term and long-term goals for your business, you have to strengthen your web presence to increase your brand visibility, entice more consumers to visit your site, and keep coming back to do business with you.





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