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Benefits of using a SEO reseller for your marketing needs

by on July 15, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Search Marketing, Small Business

Benefits of using a SEO reseller for your marketing needs

If you want to have a successful SEO business, you can hire a SEO reseller specializing in white labels and SEO to other agencies.

In that way, you can get expert services when it comes to web design, content marketing, and other specific SEO services requiring high technical expertise.

SEO resellers are a team of experts using highly developed processes to deliver better search results. Most SEO resellers have extensive relationships with writers, editors, and publishers to obtain high-quality backlinks.

Continue reading below to understand more about SEO resellers and the benefits you can get when it comes to your marketing needs.


No Need to Hire In-House SEO Experts

SEO resellers can help you offer SEO services to your clients without hiring any in-house SEO experts. More often than not, SEO resellers have a trusted and reliable team of copywriters who can help you craft your content.

A white label SEO reseller creates high-quality content to gain organic traffic and can show how your client’s site is performing using appropriate online monitoring tools.

In short, a reseller will take care of all the SEO needs of your client while you pocket the profits.

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Hiring an SEO consultant is expensive, averaging 150 USD per hour. While you can hire SEO consultants at freelance sites under 25 USD per hour, the results are not appealing. On the other hand, setting up an SEO in-house team or hiring freelancers and training them is not viable and can be more expensive than hiring an SEO consultant.

Here’s how SEO resellers can make your life a lot easier with cost-effective solutions:

  • Create an account or register with the SEO reseller client dashboard.

  • Read the terms and conditions.

  • Choose from the SEO services or reseller packages offered, and pay a fixed rate.

  • The SEO reseller will send the work order to SEO experts, like copywriters and editors. Monitor results real-time using available tools.

  • Get the output on the specified time frame. Benefit from the SEO reseller services by getting the best results.

Convenient Way of Managing Various SEO Tasks

As an SEO agency owner, you understand that search engine optimization is a critical service, but it’s a vital aspect of digital marketing success. It is integral because of its business-to-customers (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) benefits, and even in the world of social media.

However, Google’s algorithms always change, and SEO becomes more complicated. In the past, Google relied on backlinks and anchor texts to determine rankings. SEO companies tend to buy keywords and stuff pages with keywords to rank high in search results pages (SERPs).

Here are the benefits of using SEO resellers when it comes to managing your SEO:

  • You don’t need to be fully knowledgeable and skilled in implementing appropriate tactics to comply with Google’s algorithms. An SEO reseller will handle understanding and analyzing the complex code of Google’s algorithms.

  • An SEO reseller will help you and your clients attain SEO goals using effective strategies in terms of local search, voice search, rich snippets, and device integration.

  • SEO resellers will keep track of all updates on Google’s algorithm and find link-building opportunities to ensure consistent, high-quality content.


Allows You to Focus on Your Competency

SEO is a complex niche with a lot of subcategories that an SEO agency can specialize in. For instance, if you’re a website design or web development agency, you can use SEO resellers to offer other SEO services to your clients, while you work on the website design and development side of things.

Here are the benefits of focusing on your core-competency and using SEO resellers for other SEO tasks:

  • It is a win-win situation for all parties because your client would need a one-stop-agency to take care of all SEO aspects. On the other hand, you and the SEO reseller benefit by focusing on the tasks you specialize in, gaining more clients, and making your clients happy with the results because of the collaborative effort.

  • You can offer scalable SEO results when you need them. For instance, you can provide whatever amount of quality links your clients will demand because you use expert SEO resellers to deliver desired results.



Working with niche experts is highly beneficial for you and your clients. You can offer a wide range of SEO services in various specialties without investing too much money, forming new relationships, or training people to do the job.

It is convenient to earn good profits without having to perform all the tedious SEO monitoring and content-creation jobs.

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