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Effective marketing strategies for lawyers that you can start today

Many lawyers do not get new clients. If you have 100 clients and one leaves you, you can work with perfect normality. However, if you have 8 fixed clients and one of them leaves, we are in a real problem to make the accounts.

Therefore, an average office has to make commercial efforts even when it seems that things are fine. You have to look ahead and take action.

In an increasingly digitized market, online marketing has become a staple to survive commercially.

It could be defined as a compass that guides you to better understand your client’s needs, although it also allows consumers to find you easily. Its magic is based on data analysis, statistics and behavioral studies. But how does this affect the legal scope? Can professionals in the world of law benefit from its advantages?

Effective marketing strategies are the cornerstone of any successful business. These strategies encompass a wide range of activities aimed at promoting products or services, building brand awareness, and ultimately driving revenue growth. By leveraging Kinetic Traffic, lawyers can build a strong online presence, establish themselves as authoritative figures in their practice areas, and ultimately attract more clients.

Let us find out here the most effective marketing strategies for Lawyer:

  1. Choose the online infrastructure of your office:

If your website has been around for several years without giving a facelift; and if you use little powerful systems at the level of indexing, then you are not choosing what website you have to have.

It also counts the aesthetics. Remember that the website design is the most important.Therefore, give your website a thought.

  1. Fill it with value content:

Give your website high-quality content, both text, and video. Written content is the most important part of the success of a law firm’s website. Remember that valuable content is one that serves those who visit your website, especially customers.

A well-built website will make it easy for you to add new texts and if you don’t have time, a professional writing department, supervised by lawyers, can produce effective, highly specific content and in accordance with the ethics of any law firm.

  1. Keep your social networks up to date:

Apart from the web and the blog subject to it where you host your articles, you need to create a Facebook, a Linkedin profile and, optionally, Instagram or Twitter. Some law firms are dedicated to explaining current issues, such as political controversies which helps you position and gain visibility.

  1. Do not spend money on marketing that does not work:

If it cannot be measured, it is not marketing. We don’t give you a classic example of offices that spend money and see no results. No! We put the extreme case of lawyers whose marketing works, but they don’t know why. SERP Co law firm marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to advertise your law firm.

  1. Bet for intensive sale to grow:

If you want to increase your sales, as the Americans say – Start with the fruit that is lower in the tree – that is, the easiest to pick.

In this case, they are your customers. It is about making intensive sales, always forgotten before the appeal of extensive selling even when it is easier:

  • Extensive sales are the new clients of the firm.

  • Intensive selling is getting those who already hire us, hire us more services.

To that person who brought you a divorce a few months ago, suggest an offer to legally advise your company. Throw a couple of ideas. He already knows you. Call them or take advantage of a day that comes to pay a minute, to withdraw a document. And this way get more water from the source than you already drink. That is the intensive sale.

  1. References or recommendations:

Make a referral campaign. For example, offer your customers a discount on your service in exchange for a friend, partner or customer.

If this referral hires you, you give him a gift for his trust. This is something we can even monitor, giving a client a landing page (a page within our website) specific to him and nesting a form within it.

That form will be connected to a list of referrals or subscribers. When we see each list we will know how many leads each customer is generating.

  1. Participate in some commercial association and take an interest in the board of directors:

We can ask or find out what trade or trade associations our clients are in.

Join in and once inside, don’t just be a face in the member book. Your goal is to be on the Board of Directors. To do this, look for the director and express your willingness to help in some areas.

  1. Extend your social life:

Do you accompany your daughters to school or theater? Are you in the stands when your son has a match? Great, in all those forums you will find active population. Talk conversation solve the odd question uninterestedly ask what they do, what problems they have to face. If you do not leave home, it will not be easy to push your legal business to the next level.

  1. Marketing plan:

Do not be reactive to what is presented or happens daily. Have everything planned. In marketing, if it is not planned, it does not work out.

  1. Make videos:

Visual content is increasingly essential when creating a powerful image of any Internet business – Tutorials, didactic explanations about the law.

Think about things that your clients can look for and that are useful to reach you. So here you have the 10 most effective marketing strategies for the layer.

Choose which ones you are going to put into practice and take action.

A combination between an online and offline marketing plan programmed and measured, to which we make adjustments to profile and improve it and a proactive attitude towards the commercial in the office, with our initiative and the support of experts, always ends up working.