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Tips on how to generate more leads with social media

by on July 3, 2019 in Best advertising story, Business, Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Search Marketing, Small Business, Startups

Tips on how to generate more leads with social media

Despite market saturation, businesses grow, even in 2019. The key is to find the right way to generate more leads for your business.

One such a way is through proper use of social media. Several industries benefit from the use of social media marketing; for example, the salon and spa industry.

However, even with the use of influencers for your social media marketing campaigns, you might not be getting the kind of results you want, because you aren’t using the right influencer.

These are some things that might affect your salon or spa’s visibility both offline and online and in this post, we’d be discussing tips with which you can generate more leads via social media for your salon or spa.

●    Post Intriguing Content (with Your Target Customers in Mind)

Your social media posts should have your target customers noticing your brand.

In the case of a salon or spa, you need to make engaging content; such that existing and potential customers start with one another on your platform. That would be cool, right?

Your posts should also take into consideration, the demographics of your clients’/ would-be clients. If you work well with the younger age group, post funny and cool pictures, and posts that match with their vibe. Is your salon or spa more in tandem with classic, ageless female beauty? Make your posts and pictures fall in line with that as well. This way, you attract the right kind of people to your salon/spa.

Pictures and short captions tend to work well with this market.

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    Don’t Be Caught Sleeping on Facebook’s Rife Business Potential

Facebook is one of the most beneficial social media platforms through which you can generate leads for your spa/salon.

On this platform, you can post photos of your latest hairdos, people lounging in your spa or having the time of their lives, or create giveaways that would spur lead generation for your business.

This ultimately helps inspire brand loyalty.

Facebook is also a platform where you can put up most of your brand’s information- more like a miniature website for your brand.

Let’s not forget that with the use of Facebook Ads, you can target clients or potential clients within your salon or spa’s visibility index.

●    Instagram is a Good Tool For Revenue Generation

It has nothing to do with whether you like Instagram or not; it has become a social media platform that cannot be ignored, and most of your clients/ potential clients are active on Instagram.

If you own a spa or salon, putting up pictures with short, quirky captions is a sweet way of introducing your brand into this core social media platform space.

With the use of trending hashtags, you can attract more Instagram users to your page, and then keep them interested with your engaging content. Hashtags can also help point to your location and show potential customers that you are nearby!

Take advantage of Instagram users’ expectation of mind-blowing pictures to showcase the expertise of your stylists or workers. Take before and after pictures to show your fans; judge your connection with them by the number of likes and comments garnered on each post- and you’d be on your way to creating an exceptional brand that registers in their minds.

Giveaways are also super cool ways to engage your followers.

One last thing: give existing clients incentives e.g. a discount, when they post promotional pictures on their own pages about the services gotten at your brand.

Someone’s post saying “Best spa date ever with the bestie!” and tagging your spa or salon is likely to make their own friends and connections interested in a trip to your spa.

●    Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Platform for Your Salon/Spa

Twitter is super cool, but to enjoy its use, you have to be familiar with the rules of engagement.

To enjoy Twitter, you should be prepared to use it as a source of information for your business with sweet, short and catchy captions or messages. You could also start offers that are specific for your Twitter audience, thereby encouraging people to follow you on the platform.


Social media lead generation is strategic, and to do so for your salon or spa, you must be well informed, and prepared to play by the rules!


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